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Victor Martino

The new era of health and wellness in America

We’re entering a new era in health and wellness that offers CPG companies more opportunities than ever, argues Victor Martino.

Welcome to the new era of private-label brands in the US

US retailers are doing three big things they haven’t done in the past, which is putting pressure on manufacturer CPG brands.

Easing inflation means it’s back to basics in US confectionery

Price increases have without question been the confectionery category’s best friend. With inflation slowing, brand owners must focus on the fundamentals, writes Victor Martino.

Maintaining a natural high

The natural products industry is at an inflection point because it’s gone from a counter-culture movement to mainstream.

Why the CPG industry should invest more in diversity and inclusion

On the heels of the pandemic and two years of food inflation, the CPG industry needs renewal; a new commitment to innovation. It also needs to do the right thing.

Five hot topics as US food industry enters 2023

Just Food’s US columnist Victor Martino sets out the main issues facing food industry executives this year.

Why achieving mainstream consumer demand for cultivated meat is a long shot

The nascent cultivated-meat industry is upbeat after a recent US FDA decision but Victor Martino is sceptical about whether advocates’ hopes for consumer demand will ever materialise.

Why suppliers need not fear the Kroger-Albertsons deal

Combining Kroger and Albertsons into a single mega-retailer will have little effect on CPG brands, writes our US columnist.

How to improve the strained relationship between CPG companies and retailers

CPG brands and manufacturers must accept they need to work with retailers, which still account for the lion’s share of sales.

How should US food firms act when inflation bites?

Overall food prices, from groceries to dining out, rose 1.1% in July from June 2022.