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A job (and life) well done: what the US food industry can learn from the late Bob Moore

Ahead of Expo West next month, Just Food’s US columnist Victor Martino sets out why entrepreneurs and execs can learn a lot from the late Bob Moore.

Why ‘restaurant CPG’ will grow in the US but won’t disrupt the status quo

Just Food’s US columnist Victor Martino believes restaurant operators will continue to push into CPG but plays down the threat to existing brands.

Move over “better for you”: the next big leap in packaged food

Just Food’s US columnist Victor Martino sets out why he believes there will be a paradigm shift in the approach to healthier foods.

These are the five big issues as the US food industry heads into 2024

Just Food’s US columnist Victor Martino sets out his blueprint for industry executives for 2024.

The five factors driving a sea change in US pasta

The once-moribund US pasta category is now a hive of innovation, writes Victor Martino.

Why the Kroger-Albertsons-C&S deal is unlikely to win over the FTC

Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan has recently expressed scepticism about some past grocery mega mergers, Just Food’s Victor Martino writes.

How CPG brands can counter rise of private-label in US

Brand owners in the US are facing stiff competition from retail private-label. How can they fight back?

What matters on the path to profitability for emerging CPG brands

Profitability for fledgling brands is a balancing act between controlling costs and managing growth, gross margin and repeat purchase rates.

US cultivated-meat pioneers need retail. The time to move is now

Cultivated meat companies like Upside Foods and Good Meat have to create excitement for their products among grocery retailers.

The new era of health and wellness in America

We’re entering a new era in health and wellness that offers CPG companies more opportunities than ever, argues Victor Martino.