The proportion of food manufacturers hiring for robotics-related positions rose in March versus the equivalent month last year, even if recruitment in the area was down compared to February.

Some 23.9% of the companies included in GlobalData’s analysis of the jobs market were recruiting for at least one such position last month, the London-based group said.

This latest figure was higher than the 19.8% of companies who were hiring for robotics-related jobs a year ago but a decrease compared to the figure of 31.8% in February.

When it came to the rate of all job openings that were linked to robotics, 0.5% of newly-posted job advertisements in March were linked to the topic, up from 0.3% in the equivalent month a year ago.

Robotics is one of the topics that GlobalData, Just Food’s parent company, has identified as being a disruptive force facing business in the coming years. Companies that excel and invest in these areas now are thought to be better prepared for the future business landscape and better equipped to survive unforeseen challenges.

GlobalData says its analysis suggests food manufacturers are  hiring for robotics jobs at a rate equal to the average for all companies within its job analytics database. The average among all companies also stood at 0.5% in March 2022.

The company’s job analytics database tracks the daily hiring patterns of thousands of companies across the world, drawing in jobs as they’re posted and tagging them with additional layers of data on everything from the seniority of each position to whether a job is linked to wider industry trends.

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