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Bunge Ltd (Bunge) is an agribusiness and food company that purchases, stores, transports and sells food and ingredients, edible oils, milling products and fertilizers. Its product portfolio includes oil seeds, vegetable oils, protein meals, packaged and bulk oils, shortenings, margarine and mayonnaise. The company produces and sells wheat flour, dry milled corn products, bakery mixes, milled rice products, sugar, and ethanol. It also generates electricity from burning of sugarcane bagasse and resells it to third-party users and local grids. The company sells to livestock producers, animal feed manufacturers, snack food producers, wheat and corn millers, food service distributors, restaurant chains, food processing, bakery confectioners and food service companies, corn and oilseed processors. Bunge produces, blends, and distributes nitrogen-based liquid and solid phosphate fertilizers to farmers in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. The company has business operations spanning the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Bunge is headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, the US.

Company info

Country (HQ): United States
Sector: Consumer Packaged Goods
Market Cap (US$ m): 13,507
Revenue (US$ m): 67,232 (2022)

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