KH Foods Ltd has announced that it is currently recruiting a new managing director. The current MD, Don Taig, will remain with the company until a replacement has been found.

PR Robinson, KH chairman, said in an open letter to the Australian securities exchange, that Taig arrived at the decision to leave the company following a health scare. “He has come to the view that the pressure of turning around the current business and the impact of previous delays on it, will only increase in the short term and not allow him to provide appropriate attention to his health,” Robinson said.

The company has faced various challenges this year, with a sluggish first half exacerbated by a fire that devastated a cake plant in Western Australia. “It is expected that the rate of improvement entering the second half of the year will accelerate and we are expecting some new and significant savoury business to assist,” Robinson said.

Commenting on the departure of Taig, Robinson said: “The board is sorry to lose Don’s experience and knowledge, but we wish him well and good health in the future.”