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Following a series of on-site appraisal visits carried out by staff from UNIDO’s UK Investment and Technology Promotion Office in April of this year, four Chinese delegations will be visiting the UK in June and July to meet with British companies interested in pursuing collaborative projects.

Coming to the UK as part of Trade Partners UK’s Global Partnerships Initiative, the delegations will each comprise between ten and 15 members. Three of the groups will be attending this year’s Royal Show in order to meet British businesses and to discuss opportunities in the agro-processing sectors. The fourth delegation will consist of companies working in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector.

Prior to their arrival, a Chinese trade and investment specialist, Jin Tao, will be working in the UK to promote various opportunities from the Fujian Province and to help to arrange meetings between interested parties. Working from China-British Business Council’s London office until September, Tao’s focus will be on promoting a portfolio of fully screened opportunities in the ICT and agricultural sectors, but he will also be inviting British companies, intermediaries and trade organisations to contact him to discuss projects in other sectors.

To this end, he will be available for meetings throughout the UK during his stay, which has been organised by UNIDO and China International Centre for Economic and Technical Exchanges.