The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) today (Thursday) announced the make up of its new scientific committee.

The committee which provides scientific advice and expertise on all aspects of food safety and nutrition, has been appointed by Mary Harney, the Republic of Ireland’s minister for health and children, after consultation with the FSAI board.

The FSAI identified a number of key areas to be the focus of in-depth research during the committee’s five year term. They include nutrition labelling, control strategies for harmful bacteria in the food chain, approval of novel foods for marketing in Ireland, the use of additives in foods, the risks posed by chemical contaminants in the diet, and the controls to avoid risks associated with BSE infection in cattle.

“The expert individuals comprising our Scientific Committee are leaders in their fields and we are proud to have their input to our policy decision,” Dr John O’Brien, chief executive of FSAI, said. “We look forward to working with the Committee to ensure that our decisions continue to be led by the best scientific evidence, which fundamentally protects consumer health and raises food safety and hygiene practices throughout the food chain.”

Professor Albert Flynn, of the department of food and technology at University College Cork, who chairs the committee, is also a member of the European Food Safety Authority’s scientific committee.