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Japanese tofu firm House Foods to build US facility

05 May 2021 (Last Updated May 11th, 2021 17:24)

House Foods, the Japanese tofu maker, has announced it is to build a facility in the US state of Kentucky.

The facility, for its US subsidiary House Foods America, will cost US$146.3m and create 109 full-time jobs.

House Foods, which already has facilities in California – where its US subsidiary is based – and New Jersey, plans to construct a 350,000 sq ft facility on 30 acres in south-west Louisville to produce tofu and other food products for customers throughout the country.

Work on the project is expected to begin next year and be completed by 2025.

House Foods America was founded in 1983 to manufacture the company's tofu and shirataki products for the US market. House Foods has operated in Japan for more than 100 years.

Hiromasa (Hunt) Takahashi, assistant manager of business strategy planning at House Foods, said: "It is an honour to join the Commonwealth of Kentucky and we are glad to contribute to the community by making great, healthy products for customers nationwide."

House Foods, which also operates the Ichibanya restaurant business in the US, has operations in countries including China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.

It has another manufacturing business in the US in the shape of Mexican food specialist El Burrito.

In House Foods' 2019/2020 financial year, the company recorded sales of JPY293.7bn ($2.69bn), down 3% on the previous year. However, EBITDA was up 2% at JPY32.3bn.