Nestle launches cooked ham in France without E250 food additive - Just Food
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Nestle launches cooked ham in France without E250 food additive

03 Feb 2017

Nestle has said it is “revolutionising” France’s charcuterie market with the launch of what it claims is the first sodium nitrite-free cooked ham as part of an on-going drive for fewer additives in its products.

E250, a salt and anti-oxidant, has long been used to cure meats like ham, bacon and hot dogs and serves to block the growth of botulism-causing bacteria while also preventing spoilage.

However, at Nestle’s Herta subsidiary, the company has worked for five years on developing a new recipe and production method for its Le Bon Paris brand cooked ham that is “sodium nitrite-free … while guaranteeing total food safety”.

The new recipe cooked ham – available in three varieties – steamed, smoked and au torchon –  was launched on the French market yesterday, starting with a number of Carrefour outlets and will have a gradual roll-out across the supermarket channel in France over the next few months, a Herta spokesperson confirmed to just-food.

Depending on the response from customers, the recipe could be extended to other Herta products such as hot dog-type sausages and bacon, he added.