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Nestle takes plant-based meat brand Harvest Gourmet to China

09 Dec 2020

Nestlé is taking one of its plant-based meat brands to China after a successful launch in Australia last year.

Nestle takes plant-based meat brand Harvest Gourmet to China

Nestlé is launching a range of plant-based meat products in China.

Following the debut of the Harvest Gourmet brand in Australia last year, the brand will now be available in Chinese retailers and foodservice outlets. Products to go on sale in China include meat-free options in burgers, sausages, nuggets and mince, along with plant-based alternatives to popular dishes such as kung pao chicken, braised meatballs, pork belly, and “spicy wok”.

The meat-free range will be produced at Nestlé’s new plant in the northern municipality of Tianjin.

Nestlé first rolled out the Harvest Gourmet brand with retailer Woolworths in Australia, where it launched the Incredible Burger in October last year. The company also produces plant-based products for the European and US markets under the Garden Gourmet and Sweet Earth brands, respectively.

Earlier this year, Nestlé was forced to change the name of the Incredible Burger in Europe after a spat with US peer Impossible Foods, adopting the designation of the Sensational Burger instead.  

just-food has contacted Nestlé to ascertain whether a name change was instigated in Australia too, and for information on whether more markets are planned in Asia for Harvest Gourmet.

Commenting on the new launch, Rashid Qureshi, the CEO for Nestlé’s operations in Greater China, said: “We see China leading the trend towards a new generation of plant-based food in Asia, as people look for options that are good for them and good for the planet. Harvest Gourmet products are already available in Australia and will now build a strong presence in Asia.”