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Pip & Nut enters UK milk alternatives category

20 Jun 2017

UK nut butter supplier Pip & Nut has branched out into the country’s milk alternatives category with the launch of a line of almond drinks.

Pip & Nut has rolled out three drinks – one with honey and vanilla, a second with coconut and a third, unsweetened version.

The company has secured listings with Sainsbury’s from Saturday (24 June). The drinks will also be available from Ocado.com and Whole Foods Market this month, as well as Holland & Barrett from August.

Citing data from IRI, Pip & Nut said almond drinks sales are growing by 20% a year in the UK, with value sales in the 52 weeks to 15 April exceeding GBP68m (US$285.6m).

“It’s really exciting to be bringing the Pip & Nut ethos for premium, all-natural, fun and great tasting products into a brand new category for the very first time,” said Pip & Nut’s founder Pippa Murray. “The launch signals our intent to become one of the leading brands in the healthy food and drink sector. “We intend to do what we have managed to deliver in the spreads fixture to the almond milk aisle; add incremental sales to the category with our playful, lifestyle brand that focuses on delivering flavour over function.”

The three new milks come in one litre packs with an RRP of GBP2.

Pip & Nut is backed by investor Giles Brook, the CEO of coconut water brand Vita Coco. The company claims it is on track to hit retail sales of more than GBP9m this year, a 100% increase year on year.