The consumer trends of tomorrow, functional foods and NPD in flavours - just-food's research round-up - Just Food
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The consumer trends of tomorrow, functional foods and NPD in flavours – just-food’s research round-up

30 Mar 2012

This week’s research includes a clutch of reports looking at the consumer trends of the future, including in the health and wellness sector. We also look at the future of functional foods and cognitive health, the use of nanotechnology in food and drinks packaging and innovation in the flavours sector.


TrendSights: Tomorrow’s Consumer Brand Landscape
Marketplace success is heavily contingent upon delivering what the consumer wants, when the consumer wants it, as well as where and how. This new TrendSights research identifies and interprets eight consumer mega-trends and 40-sub-trends shaping the future consumer and innovation landscape

Trust & Transparency: Consumer & Innovation Trends
Datamonitor looks at the balance of consumer opinion towards a range of ‘Trust & Transparency’ issues. It looks at how it varies by country and demographics,what the key mega-trends, trends, and sub-trends that are shaping the consumer and innovation landscape and where the ‘Trust & Transparency’ fits.

10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2012
The New Nutrition Business annual analysis of the key trends in the business of food, nutrition and health is identifies, ranks and forecasts the most important trends, using a methodology that takes into account information of many types, from many sources – scientific developments, consumer research and supermarket sales data.

Targeted Health and Wellness Foods and Beverages: The U.S. Market and Global Trends
The report analyses the growing role of clinical evidence in marketing health-promoting properties of targeted health and wellness foods and beverages; the regulatory structures governing health claims in key countries; the increasing complexity of the international industry structure; and product and ingredient trends in the US and globally.


The Future of Functional Food and Beverages: Cognitive Health
Functional food and beverages have moved beyond an emergent concept to become an established market, with a widening appeal. This report identifies key target segments, growth drivers and strategies for success.

Targeted Health and Wellness Foods and Beverages: The U.S. Market and Global Trends
The market for targeted health and wellness foods and beverages is a dynamic and promising one, driven largely by the growing recognition of the instrumental role diet plays in a wide range of health conditions.  This report looks at the latest trends and issues.


The Nanotechnology Opportunity in Food and Drinks Packaging
This report addresses Nanotechnology and it’s potential in relation to food and drinks packaging. Nanotechnology adds extra barrier properties to help prevent spoilage for longer. New developments are also increasing the functionality, helping to create packaging that can detect when food has been spoiled or contaminated. 

Flavours: A World of Diversity and innovation
This report assesses global flavour trends, looking at market sizes and segmentation, and explores some of the themes impacting flavour usage and development. Specific analysis is also included on flavour trends in the soft drinks, snacks and dairy/ice cream categories as these are driving innovation in flavour choice.