Arla Foods has launched a flavoured dairy drink, Wing-Co., in the UK as it looks to build value in the dairy category.

Wing-Co. chocolate milk is designed to appeal to a group of men under served in the dairy drinks category, typically men in their thirties and forties that live “credit / debit lifestyles”, Arla said.

“The product is set to grow the dairy drinks category by appealing to these balanced blokes by helping them to man up against hunger, countering the insight that they feel less manly when they’re hungry,” Arla said.

Wing-Co. contains around 40% more protein that other chocolate milks, Arla claimed.

Arla has also started selling Gulp, a milkshake targeted at children, through Asda.

In a recent interview Ash Amirahmadi, Arla UK marketing director and vice-president for milk procurement, told just-food that the company aims to contribute to the structural development of the UK dairy category by building new dairy brands and reducing dependence on promotions.