Gourmet US ice cream maker Ben Stanley Holdings has acquired “ultra super-premium” dessert group Choctal.

Ben Stanley, which manufactures the SheerBliss Ice Cream brand, said that the Choctal acquisition fits with its premium positioning.

Choctal manufactures high-end ice cream, including “single origin” chocolate and vanilla flavour profiles.

Choctal products are made using chocolates and vanillas grown around the world, allowing consumers to experience “unique and distinct flavour profiles” that vary from region to region, Ben Stanley said.

“Much like estate grown wines vary greatly depending on the characteristics of different climates and soils they grow in, the same is true of chocolates and vanillas grown in different countries. Chocolates grown in Costa Rica, Ghana, the islands of Hispaniola and Borneo reflect the differences of the soil from which they are grown. Vanillas from Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Madagascar also show distinctive characteristics making them so enjoyable to the palate,” the company explained.

Choctal will continue to operate as a separate brand and founder Marc Boatwright will continue with the group. Gary Barron, president of Ben Stanley Holdings, will assume the role of president and CEO of Choctal, the company said.

“Choctal has been singularly important in showing ice cream consumers there is a difference among flavour profiles. The growing knowledge of consumers because of the Food Network and food-based magazines makes the demand for quality products, like Choctal, necessary,” said Barron.

Financial details were not disclosed.