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Even amid Covid-19, convenience still king at breakfast

17 August 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Homeworking has changed breakfast habits and continues to do so as Covid restrictions ease – but GlobalData argues consumers still want convenience even if they aren't commuting. ... read more

Ben & Jerry's hits stormy water – but should sail on

14 August 2020 | Dean Best

Ben & Jerry's attracted criticism in the UK for its comments on how the country's Government should treat migrants seeking entry – but brands need to be seen to take a stance. ... read more

Demand for local food to last beyond Covid-19

12 August 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

As lockdowns ease, there are signs consumer demand for local food – which grew during the height of the pandemic – is sticking around, according to GlobalData Consumer. ... read more

How meal-replacement products could shake up breakfast in China

30 July 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Chinese commuters' demand for convenience has been fuelling sales and Covid-19 – for different reasons – has also led to interest in the segment. ... read more

Why UK obesity reset is watershed moment – in more ways than one

27 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

Covid-19 – and Boris Johnson's severe illness from the virus – has prompted significant changes to UK obesity policy. And Ben Cooper wonders what could come next.  ... read more

What CPGs must do as US Covid-19 struggle continues

16 July 2020 | Victor Martino

With Covid-19 cases on the rise in some US states and the country as a whole facing recession, what does that mean for CPG companies? just-food's Victor Martino gives advice. ... read more

Nestle’s Fairtrade move is wrong – and very wrong now

1 July 2020 | Ben Cooper

just-food's Ben Cooper sets out his opposition to Nestlé's decision to end Fairtrade certification for its flagship KitKat chocolate brand in the UK and Ireland. ... read more

Pizza to children's snacks – the fuel for cheese sales in China

26 June 2020 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at the expanding market for cheese in China and sets out areas for manufacturers to exploit. ... read more

Now's the time to review your brand values – and much more, too

19 June 2020 | Dean Best

Food companies must reappraise their brands and make sure they stand up to today's values – and go further still in their supply chains in their journeys to racial justice. ... read more

The five ways CPG companies can navigate US economic uncertainty

19 June 2020 | Victor Martino

just-food's US columnist Victor Martino sets out how CPG companies can steer their way through choppy economic waters. ... read more

Upfield's investment in plant-based R&D looks a good bet

18 June 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Covid-19 may have added significant uncertainty to the macroeconomic outlook but investments should still be made to lean into consumer trends proving robust, writes GlobalData. ... read more

BMJ blame game no help to obesity sufferers at higher risk from Covid-19

12 June 2020 | Ben Cooper

If Donald Trump were a health campaigner, he may have struck a similar tone on Covid-19 and obesity as the British Medical Journal did this week, Ben Cooper writes. ... read more

Covid-19 hasn't dented consumer interest in sustainability

8 June 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

While Covid-19 is front-and-centre in consumers' minds, a range of factors still drive behaviour, with environmental concerns holding their importance, GlobalData writes. ... read more

Covid-19's snacking consumers spark D2C flurry

29 May 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

How consumers shop for food has changed in some very noticeable ways over the last three months or so – and D2C is one area to have grown in importance, says GlobalData. ... read more

Why Covid-19 could have lasting effect on food-to-go

28 May 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Covid-19 is likely to shake up how we work, with companies set to allow their staff to do their jobs at home more often. Food-to-go could face pressure on sales, GlobalData argues. ... read more

Plant-based meat must target local tastes to succeed in China

21 May 2020 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China market columnist Peter Peverelli weighs up the growing activity in the country's market for plant-based meat alternatives. ... read more

Don't write off emerging brands amid Big Food's Covid-19 bounce

14 May 2020 | Victor Martino

Many of Big Food's legacy brands are having their day in the sun in the US, boosted by pantry-loading. But Victor Martino believes challenger brands can still – and will – compete. ... read more

How Covid-19 might shape food M&A

5 May 2020 | Stefan Kirk, M&A advisors Glenboden

Out of the blue, Covid-19 has arrived to, M&A advisor Stefan Kirk argues, shake life into the food M&A market once the pandemic recedes. ... read more

Could UK's post-Covid-19 obesity policy be more than nudge in right direction?

29 April 2020 | Ben Cooper

Could 'nudge theory' - seen as having had a significant impact on the way the UK has sought to tackle Covid-19 - also shape policy choices on obesity once the dust settles? ... read more

How Covid-19 might shape consumer trends in China

20 April 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Packaged-food companies mulling the post-Covid-19 consumer will be watching China with interest. Our local columnist Peter Peverelli sets out some trends that could take hold. ... read more

Aldi's UK online grocery push will be closely watched - analysis

16 April 2020 | GlobalData Consumer

Discounter Aldi is to join the online grocery fray in the UK, launching a service for "vulnerable customers". Analysts from our parent company, GlobalData, weigh up the move. ... read more

Why change is inevitable in the wake of Covid-19

14 April 2020 | Victor Martino

Our US columnist Victor Martino sets out what he sees as the stages of change that will impact the country's food industry – with analysis that will resonate beyond US borders. ... read more

Kraft Heinz enjoys Covid-19 bounce but questions remain

7 April 2020 | Dean Best

Kraft Heinz has provided some welcome news on its sales performance but investors will be looking beyond the boost Covid-19 has given the US giant's top line. ... read more

As Greencore gets punished, is it time for UK stock market suspension, too?

30 March 2020 | Simon Harvey

Greencore's shares tumbled after a coronavirus-affected trading update. Isn't it time manufacturers, particularly those keeping the UK fed, got a helping hand? ... read more

Aryzta announcement stark warning to foodservice suppliers

24 March 2020 | Andy Coyne

Foodservice suppliers worldwide will have been stirred by the latest announcement from Swiss-Irish bakery giant Aryzta, writes Andy Coyne. ... read more

US dairy - a need for a major re-think

19 March 2020 | Victor Martino

Our columnist Victor Martino looks at the problems facing the ailing US dairy industry and at its prospects for turning things around. ... read more

Coronavirus and food industry SMEs - a survival plan

16 March 2020 | John Stapleton

Food business entrepreneur John Stapleton on the steps SMEs can take to help them get through coronavirus. ... read more

Is China ready for Western-style sauces and dressings?

13 March 2020 | Peter Peverelli

Our correspondent Peter Peverelli looks at the cultural barriers that have to be cleared by Western manufacturers attempting to sell sauces and seasonings in China. ... read more

Why Tesco's right to be cautious about compostable packaging

10 March 2020 | David Burrows

Tesco has issued details on the packaging it wants suppliers to use in the UK from May. Compostables remains a tricky issue but David Burrows welcomes the retailer's decisions. ... read more

Pleasure, fun and happiness in food marketing

20 February 2020 | Victor Martino

Our columnist Victor Martino stresses the importance of creating an experience of fun, pleasure and happiness in and around a food brand. ... read more

French fries in China – big opportunities and high hurdles

17 February 2020 | Peter Peverelli

The market for French fries in China is growing rapidly but barriers to entry exist for foreign providers, as Peter Peverelli explains. ... read more

Why Yofix backing highlights dairy-free shift

6 February 2020 | Dean Best

The backing for Israeli dairy-free start-up Yofix Investments by two major European dairy companies shows a key macro trend could become a competitive flank in dairy alternatives. ... read more

China's 'light eating' trend takes aim at fat, salt, sugar

31 January 2020 | Peter Peverelli

just-food's China columnist Peter Peverelli looks at the trend for qingshi, which takes in foods low in salt and fat and also for eating smaller meals or portions than usual. ... read more

Nestle's plastic push deserves praise but big questions remain

23 January 2020 | David Burrows

David Burrows offers qualified praise for Nestle on recycled plastics and argues major questions persist about whether the company - and industry - can move from virgin material. ... read more

US food companies need to do more on obesity

10 January 2020 | Victor Martino

US columnist Victor Martino kicks off 2020 digging into new forecasts on the rate of obesity in the country. And he has a message for industry. ... read more