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Retail innovation

Trolleys with minds of their own

While supermarket trolleys often seem to have minds of their own, one day it appears they actually will. The ‘intelligent’ trolley was one innovation being showcased at the recent Institute of Grocery Distribution’s annual conference...

Analysis – Tesco weathers summer blues

Analysis – Tesco weathers summer blues

Analysts and investors had been fearing disappointing first-half figures from Tesco, but the UK retail giant's steady but unspectacular interim results were in the end greeted by a rise in the company's share price. Dean Best reports.

Get ready for Retail Ready Packaging

Get ready for Retail Ready Packaging

Some manufacturers are dreading it, but Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is on its way. How does it work, who will pay for it, and who stands to benefit most? Hugh Westbrook reports as an industry braces itself for a subtle yet major change to international supermarket shelves.

US: Meat packaging debate heats up

Meat packaging is at the heart of two new trends in the US. A Massachusetts company is developing food labels that change colour to signal the freshness of packaged meat,…

US: New smart label can detect bacteria

Food Quality Sensor International, Inc. (FQSI) has developed a revolutionary new smart label which can sense when fresh meat and poultry has gone off. The “freshQ” label, which can be…