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Why are supermarkets going green now?

Supermarkets are out and proud about their commitment to the environment. Is this because they are pre-empting punitive government policies, responding to a shift in public opinion or simply looking out for the bottom line?...

UK: Asda pledges to stop sending waste to landfill

UK: Asda pledges to stop sending waste to landfill

Multiple supermarket Asda yesterday (25 July) said it would stop sending waste to landfill sites by 2010. The move was unveiled as part of a wide-ranging campaign to save energy and lessen the chain’s negative impact on the environment.

UK: Asda goes green over fish

Responding to pressure from environmental groups and consumers, and in the latest of a string of 'green' policies, Asda announced yesterday (28 March) that within the next three to five years it will…