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Tesco admitted online business having impact on sales in storesOn the money: Tesco admits online cannibalising stores

By: Katy Askew | 16 April 2014

Tesco CEO Philip Clarke has conceded the growth of online grocery retailing in the UK has had a negative impact on the performance of its physical stores.

Teco has invested in ranges to try to entice consumersWhat the analysts say: Has Tesco hit rock bottom?

By: Katy Askew | 16 April 2014

Tesco reported a disappointing set of full-year numbers with both sales and profits falling this morning (14 April). The UK retail behemoth has faced declining consumer spending and a battle to make its big-box stores relevant. But has the company hit the bottom of its downward curve and will the group's 2014 performance improve? Here is what the City had to say about Tesco's performance.

Dorset Cereals is reportedly up for sale with ABF, Weetabix and Kellogg all said to be interestedDeal or no deal: Analysts divided on Dorset Cereals sale

By: Hannah Abdulla | 10 April 2014

Toward the end of last week Kellogg, Weetabix and Associated British Foods were all named as potential suitors looking to buy UK cereal brand Dorset Cereals from Wellness Foods. Hannah Abdulla looks at where Dorset Cereals could next end up.

Food industry faces "higher level of risk than it has acknowledged", Food Forensics Alison Johnson saidFocus: EU funds international project in food fraud fight

By: Andrew Byrne | 8 April 2014

Participants within an EU-funded research project on fighting food fraud believe they can help rebuild consumer confidence in Europe's food sector, following last year’s horsemeat scandal, writes Andrew Byrne in Brussels.

Industry watchers believe proposals could see producers quit organic productionIn the spotlight: Brussels organic plans cause concern

By: Keith Nuthall | 4 April 2014

Food retailers across the EU are facing additional administration to sell organic food products, because of reforms proposed last week by the European Commission, writes Keith Nuthall.

Ben & JerryFocus: Unilever could jump-start UK category with Ben & Jerry's Greek

By: Katy Askew | 4 April 2014

Unilever's Ben & Jerry's brand is launching a three-product strong line of Greek-style frozen yoghurt in the UK. The move is a category first and the group believes that it can stimulate incremental sales growth, bringing new consumers to both the brand and category. However, Greek yoghurt and frozen yoghurt sales in the UK have not performed as strongly as across the pond in the US. Is Ben & Jerry's the brand that will kick-start the category? Katy Askew reports.

ChinaOn the money: Retailer Lianhua rolls up sleeves after tough 2013

By: Dean Best | 4 April 2014

Lianhua Supermarket Holdings operates over 4,500 stores in China - a mix of hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores - and its 2013 financial results, issued last week, demonstrate how challenging trading conditions are - and how competitive retailing in the country has become.

Analysts believe value retailers will continue to gain market share but are unconvinced they will replace the traditional supermarketTalking shop: The growth of the value variety retailer

By: Hannah Abdulla | 4 April 2014

Dutch value retailer Hema last week announced its planned foray into the UK market with the launch of two London stores by the summer. The move follows the flotation of Poundland on the London Stock Exchange and underline value retailers becoming a more serious player in the UK. But do the country's major food retailers have a serious competitor on their hands? Hannah Abdulla reports.

Harvey Fresh has built export business to markets in Asia like SingaporeFocus: Parmalat could milk Harvey Fresh in Oz and overseas

By: Dean Best | 2 April 2014

Parmalat, majority-owned by French dairy giant Lactalis, has made a significant move to bolster its business in Australia 15 years after it first entered the market. Parmalat has snapped up Australian dairy and fruit juice firm Harvey Fresh, a deal industry watchers believe could help the Italian firm's local business and help it expand its presence in Asia. Dean Best reports.

Infrastructure remains undeveloped in IndiaBRICs and beyond: Logistics remains key challenge to Indian expansion

By: Raghavendra Verma | 1 April 2014

Getting products on shelves is a significant challenge for food manufacturers and retailers in India, where an under-developed supply chain hampers such efforts. International food groups and logistics companies are working to overcome the lack of infrastructure and, for companies who can offer solutions, a significant commercial opportunity exists. Raghavendra Verma reports.

Focus: M&A remains core for acquisitive Flowers

By: Katy Askew | 25 March 2014

Deal or no deal: Pinnacle touted amid Ragu rumours

By: Hannah Abdulla | 7 March 2014

What the analysts say - Ahold faces challenges

By: Dean Best | 28 February 2014

Sustainability Watch: Trust and the triple bottom line

By: Ben Cooper | 20 February 2014







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