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Nestle catering for an ageing global population

The newest of Nestle’s 40 R&D facilities is a unit in Singapore specialising in nutrition to support healthy ageing. Ben Cooper reports on t...

Unilever is "working harder" in tough environment

Unilever CEO Paul Polman left investors with no illusions today (21 July): trading is tough and the company expects it to get tougher. As a...

What next for Nestle under new CEO Schneider?

Nestle appointed Ulf Mark Schneider, currently CEO of healthcare company Fresenius, as its chief executive officer last month. just-food tak...

Hemp food sales in the US set for growth

The liberalisation of regulations has opened the door to hemp-based food products in various US states. Growing consumer interest in the nat...

Could Brexit foster a more joined-up approach to UK policymaking? 18 Jul 2016

Ben Cooper

The UK’s vote to leave the EU on 23 June triggered immediate political and economic turmoil and has long-term implications for UK food manufacturers. Ben Cooper looks at how Brexit could impact on environmental and nutrition policy in the UK. 

Tesco, Amazon and Wal-Mart – retail round-up, June 2016 11 Jul 2016

Katy Askew

Last month saw Tesco grow in the UK as it shed less profitable areas of the business to focus on rejuvenating the core. But the going could get tougher in the UK, where retailers are expected to feel the fallout from Brexit and the likes of Amazon are making in-roads in grocery delivery. The fast-paced world of e-commerce saw notable developments, including Lidl's launch of an e-shop in the Netherlands and Wal-Mart's expansion of its online presence in China.  Here is just-food's monthly round-up of the retail news from June. 

PepsiCo performance wows with surprising sparkle 8 Jul 2016

John Shepherd

As PepsiCo's leadership team presented the group's results yesterday (7 July) they could have summed up their core message to investors with a blast from the past: "You've got a lot to live, and Pepsi's got a lot to give". That slogan from the early 1970s would be too tame for today's app hungry consumers and investors who demand infinite fizz in terms of products, ideas and healthy dollar returns. But the slogan did sum up the mood as PepsiCo reported second-quarter profit that beat analysts' estimates and the firm boosted its full-year forecast, helped by rising sales of snacks and soft drinks in North America.

McDonald's in China, Wendy's in Brazil, Boston Market in the Middle East - foodservice focus, June 2016 8 Jul 2016

Katy Askew

The dealings of US foodservice giants looking to expand in international markets proved an important theme for the foodservice sector in June. From McDonald's ongoing discussions over the lease of its franchise business in China to Wendy's expansion in Japan and Brazil, it seems that the worldwide demand for fastfood remains strong. 

How Danone and WhiteWave will benefit from combination 7 Jul 2016

Katy Askew

Danone announced a deal to acquire WhiteWave Foods this morning (7 July) in a move that values the Alpro maker at around US$12.5bn. The large-scale acquisition ramps up Danone's presence in the US and enhances its exposure to on-trend categories. For its part, WhiteWave expects the deal will move it to "the next phase of growth". Here is how each group stands to benefit from the business combination. 

Mondelez's bid for Hershey – 5 things to know  4 Jul 2016

Katy Askew

Hershey turned down a takeover approach from Mondelez International last week (30 June). At US$107 per share, the cash-and-shares offer valued the Reese's Pieces maker at approximately US$22.83bn. Here is just-food's summary of what you need to know about the deal. 

General Mills to invest in "growth businesses" - will it boost sales? 30 Jun 2016

Katy Askew

General Mills is the owner of US legacy food brands that have been hard hit by sweeping changes to consumption. The company, which has tried break into growth areas such as natural and organic, revealed yesterday (29 June) that it will start to prioritise its investment behind the "75%" of its portfolio it has identified as "growth businesses". Will this approach prove effective? Katy Askew investigates. 

Brexit - Rabobank's early assessment of the impact on food 24 Jun 2016


Uncertainty is the watchword as the UK and the EU digest British voters plumping for Brexit in yesterday's (23 June) referendum. In an exclusive column, analysts at Rabobank set out how they think the UK's departure could impact certain parts of the food sector.

Navigating Australia's maturing gluten-free breakfast cereal market 24 Jun 2016

Dean Best

Australia has been one of the countries at the forefront of the rise of the gluten-free sector and, as the market has expanded, so more companies have entered the category. However, as the market has developed, so its rate of growth has started to slow. just-food looks at Australia's gluten-free breakfast cereal category and analyses the prospects of a still-growing but more mature segment.

How new food waste standard will help monitor progress - analysis 22 Jun 2016

Ben Cooper

The launch of the Food Loss and Waste Accounting and Reporting Standard has been described by its founding partner as a "breakthrough" in the fight against food waste. Ben Cooper assesses how it will support both food companies’ efforts to reduce waste and public-private initiatives with the same aim.

What does AmazonFresh's UK launch mean for sector? 16 Jun 2016

Keith Anderson, Profitero

Amazon has launched its online grocery delivery business AmazonFresh in the UK, one of the most significant moves in the country's food retail sector for a number of years. The introduction of AmazonFresh in the UK is a further sign of the online giant's ambitions in grocery. Keith Anderson, vice president of strategy and insights at e-commerce consultants Profitero, reflects on what Amazon's latest offensive could mean for the industry.

How could a TTIP affect the food industry? 14 Jun 2016

Liz Newmark

The proposed trade agreement between the EU and the US - dubbed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP - has proved a source of fierce debate, with supporters seeking to emphasise the economic benefits of a deal but critics claiming it would favour big business, endanger food safety and the environment - and even undermine democracy. In recent weeks, opposition has emerged in political circles, with France's President Hollande insisting he would veto the agreement in its current form. Food and agriculture is at the centre of Hollande's concerns and the sector is among the main points of contention. But what could be the impact of TTIP on food manufacturers? Liz Newmark reports.

Can Smucker revive food sales? - analysis 13 Jun 2016

Katy Askew

JM Smucker booked higher full-year earnings last week despite a drop in revenue from its food brands. With coffee and pet food outpacing Smucker's packaged food business, can the company lift the performance of its spreads-to-snacks brands? 

Wal-Mart Q1s, Aeon and Picard team up in Japan, tests grocery delivery - retail round-up, May 2016 8 Jun 2016

Dean Best

In May, Wal-Mart's latest financial results took the eye, although in some ways the numbers prompted as many questions as answers. In the US, there were more entrants into online grocery, notably recently-launched pure-play Elsewhere, Japan's Aeon and France's Picard teamed up to launch the frozen food chain in the Asian market, while France's competition regulator announced plans to investigate the buying partnership between Auchan and Systeme-U.

How could change at the top impact Lindt & Sprungli? 7 Jun 2016

Katy Askew

Swiss chocolate group Lindt & Sprüngli has been on something of a roll in recent years. The company has consistently grown its sales ahead of the wider chocolate market. It should come as little surprise then that in announcing chief executive Ernst Tanner is stepping down, the Lindor maker stressed "continuity" in naming financial chief Dr Dieter Weisskopf his successor.

Debate rages as US moves towards salt reduction 7 Jun 2016

Ben Cooper

The US government has announced plans to cut the country's salt intake, a move some in campaign circles have been urging for nearly 40 years. The Food and Drug Administration's voluntary targets attracted support from NGOs and parts of the industry, although, as Ben Cooper writes, the reaction was not entirely positive.

Pizza chains' international forays, Cravia gets PE owner, UK's Leon eyes expansion - foodservice focus, May 2016 7 Jun 2016

Dean Best

May featured a run of announcements from pizza chains, the sale of Middle East franchise group Cravia and UK health-focused chain Leon eyeing expansion.

How Hormel Foods can benefit from the acquisition of Justin's 19 May 2016

Hannah Abdulla

Hormel Foods is continuing to bolster its presence in the on-trend natural and better-for-you categories with its latest acquisition of nut-butter products maker Justin's. But how far will the elevated focus on these areas go to alleviating pressure in Hormel's refrigerated foods and pork units? Hannah Abdulla explores. 

Is enough being done to tackle infant formula fraud in China?  18 May 2016

Mark Godfrey

A fresh scandal has brought the sale of fraudulent infant formula in China to the fore once again in recent weeks. Mark Godfrey examines what action is being taken to tackle the sale of fake products in the country's booming e-commerce market. 

Why trust is key in US natural food sector  17 May 2016

Katy Askew

Demand for foods billed as "natural" is growing in the US but without a clear definition of exactly what that means, can consumers trust the products? Katy Askew investigates. 

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