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Focus: Progress but Campbell faces questions

Campbell Soup Co., the US-based food group, is a business that has, in recent years, attempted to reshape its portfolio more towards faster-...

On the money: Can Premier build H2 sales momentum?

Premier Foods plc has faced challenging conditions and weak sales in the first six months of the year. However, CEO Gavin Darby believes tha...

On the move: What's in store from Tesco's new CEO?

Tesco CEO Philip Clarke is to step down from the UK retailer, with the announcement made this morning (21 July) alongside another profit war...

On the money: Steady as she goes at Cloetta

As the dust settles after Cloetta's merger with Leaf, the company does face a battle eking out growth in its key markets. However, it has se...

In the spotlight: Lindt plays safe with Russell Stover buy 17 Jul 2014

Hannah Abdulla

Lindt & Sprungli's acquisition of US confectioner Russell Stover Candies has come as a surprise to analysts. It is the Swiss group's first purchase for 16 years and one in a developed, rather than emerging, market. However, Lindt believes it would be have been foolish to pass on the opportunity and expansion in developing markets is still on the cards. Hannah Abdulla finds out what prompted Lindt to dust off its chequebook.

BRICs and beyond: Malaysia, Thailand eye growing global halal market 11 Jul 2014

Jens Kastner

The global market for halal food is expected to grow from US$698bn in 2012 to reach US$830bn in 2016, according to Malaysia's department of Islamic development, and manufacturers in its country and neighbouring Thailand are competing to service this demand. Jens Kastner reports.

BRICs and beyond: Eyeing Egypt: Why firms are queueing up to invest 10 Jul 2014

Hannah Abdulla

A new president and a revised investor law for Egypt appears to be restoring business confidence. Last month three food and beverage giants announced plans to invest in expanding operations in the country. But with a growing population and high levels of unemployment, plus a cut in fuel subsidies that could put pressure on the average citizen's pocket, is now really the right time to be eyeing Egypt? Hannah Abdulla explores.

Focus: Manufacturers must adapt offering for online 10 Jul 2014

Andrew Don

Food manufacturers have been confronted with the meteoric rise of the e-commerce channel in the UK. A rude awakening awaits those that tackle the online challenge with a bricks-and-mortar mentality, Andrew Don suggests.

BRICs and beyond: Carrefour exit highlights continued challenges in India 9 Jul 2014

Katy Askew

Carrefour's move to exit India underlines the ongoing challenges international retailers and food manufacturers face in the market where restrictions on foreign direct investment and a lack of infrastructure are curbing the development of modern retail. Katy Askew reports.

In the spotlight: Why TreeHouse is well-placed after Flagstone deal 3 Jul 2014

Dean Best

Since the inception of TreeHouse Foods in 2005, the US private-label group has snapped up businesses supplying the centre of the store. Now, the company has used M&A to secure a foothold in the perimeter - with the potential for further deals.

BRICs and beyond: Is there still opportunity in China's biscuit market? 27 Jun 2014

Katy Askew

China's biscuit market has seen rapid growth in recent years. However, as the category matures the pace of expansion is slowing. With category leader Mondelez International struggling, is there still room for growth in the sector? Katy Askew reports.

Sustainability Watch: Supply chain focus comes down to four-letter word 27 Jun 2014

Ben Cooper

Among all the sustainability issues food companies are addressing, agricultural supply chains are month by month becoming an ever more predominant focus. In his fiftieth Sustainability Watch feature, Ben Cooper reflects on why.

In the spotlight: UK examining more radical levers to cut sugar intake 26 Jun 2014

Katy Askew

The UK government's policy on high sugar foods has once again been placed front and centre as new research argues the advice for the recommended intake of added sugar should be halved. Government agency Public Health England has responded with a pledge to further probe measures to support sugar reduction, including tightened controls around advertising and promotions - as well as "fiscal levers" such as a sugar tax. Katy Askew reports.

Talking shop: Sainsbury's tries to shore up flank with Netto JV 24 Jun 2014

Dean Best

In a surprise move, Sainsbury's has reacted to the continued growth of discount retailers in the UK with a venture to bring the Netto banner back to the country. Sainsbury's and Netto owner Dansk Supermarked will launch a clutch of stores on a trial basis but Netto, which struggled on its previous visit to the UK, faces even stronger competitors now. Dean Best reports.

Focus: Thai seafood scandal puts food supply chains back in the dock 20 Jun 2014

Ben Cooper

Harrowing accounts of forced labour, torture and murder on board fishing boats providing feed for the massive Thai shrimp industry have shocked the public and given the global food industry tough questions to answer about its ability to ensure ethical standards in complex supply chains. Ben Cooper reports.

BRICs and beyond: The long-term gluten-free opportunity in Russia 13 Jun 2014

Katy Askew

Gluten-free is currently a bright spot of strong growth in the largely stagnant developed markets of the US and western Europe. However, as the category matures it is becoming an increasingly crowded space. As such, many forward-looking gluten-free specialists have an eye on fresh markets that will offer the next phase of growth for the sector. Russia is one such market. Katy Askew reports.

BRICs and beyond: Brazil a tough nut to crack for gluten-free foods 11 Jun 2014

Hannah Abdulla

Brazil with its vast population and a growing middle class with increasing health concerns, has huge opportunities in the gluten-free sector. But legislation requiring each and every food and drink product in the nation to be labelled gluten-free or not gluten-free has posed significant difficulties for specialist gluten-free firms looking to break into the country and make their ranges stand-out. Is there a future for gluten-free specialists in Brazil? Hannah Abdulla explores.

Focus: Oxfam welcomes CocoaAction initiative as "positive signal" 11 Jun 2014

Ben Cooper

As the 2nd World Cocoa Conference takes place this week in Amsterdam, a major subject of discussion will be the CocoaAction programme which was launched last month by 12 major cocoa and chocolate companies and was formally presented to the conference this morning (11 June).

In the spotlight: Tyson pays the piper to secure Hillshire 10 Jun 2014

Katy Askew

Tyson Foods has won through in the bidding war to acquire Hillshire Brands with an improved US$63 per share offer for the for the Jimmy Dean maker. But, at 16.7x EBITDA, is the lofty price of US$8.55bn overly inflated? Katy Askew investigates.

In the spotlight: The Free From Food Expo 2014 10 Jun 2014

Katy Askew

Free-from, once the preserve of the health food fanatic, is moving into the mainstream and growth in the sector is gathering steam. Here are some highlights from last week's Free From Food Expo.

RSPO: Palm oil partners ponder a challenging future 9 Jun 2014

Ben Cooper

Members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) gathered in London last week to discuss immediate and long-term challenges facing this multi-stakeholder coalition as it seeks to accelerate progress and build a sustainable global palm oil supply chain for the long term. Ben Cooper reports.

In the spotlight: Nestle hopes to thaw Lean Cuisine sales chill 6 Jun 2014

Katy Askew

Nestle has conceded that it is facing some significant challenges in the US frozen category. However, comments at the firm's investor day this week would seem to suggest that the world's largest food company has set out a roadmap for how to "fix" lacklustre brands such as Lean Cuisine. Katy Askew reports.

Focus: Packaging, provenance touted as ready meal drivers 5 Jun 2014

Dean Best

Chilled ready meals is big business in the UK and it's a business still in growth. But only just about. Last year's horsemeat contamination scandal hit sales of chilled ready meals in the UK and the industry is looking at how to reignite the category. Innovation in packaging and emphasising provenance are being held up as ways to re-boot the sector. Dean Best reports.

Focus: The Amazonian takeover 3 Jun 2014

Hannah Abdulla

Amazon's consumer packaged goods (CPG) opportunity is valued at at least US$222bn annually in the US according to analysts at Sanford C Bernstein and it is targetting this opportunity aggressively, quickly becoming an important channel for CPG manufacturers. But with a significantly different audience base and a very different approach to selling goods, how can CPG firms make the Amazon channel work for them? Hannah Abdulla explores.

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