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Ben Cooper

Positive steps on food and agriculture amid COP27 compromises

The lack of attention and investment on agri-food within national climate strategies represents a glaring omission.

Biden’s ambitions on health warrant constructive US food industry response

The food industry, Ben Cooper writes, needs to act constructively on the new US national food strategy.

CEO pay gap will undermine stakeholder ethos

The integration of ESG into corporate reporting may well make the issues around CEO pay more problematic for companies today than in the past.

Promise of ESG progress remains despite Unilever reality check

Ben Cooper weighs up what recent events at Unilever might mean for further progress on sustainability in the food sector and the prospects for a paradigm shift in the global financial system to stakeholder capitalism.

Ukraine: how short-term crises eclipse long-term climate risks

In a similar vein to Covid-19, the war in Ukraine underlines how the need to tackle climate change can come under pressure from shorter-term emergencies, writes Ben Cooper.

How science and personalised nutrition could spur growth in synbiotics

Although less established than probiotics or prebiotics, functional foods containing synbiotics are expected to grow in popularity.

Gene editing gaining ground in biotech battle for hearts and minds

With the UK set to loosen the regulatory strictures on gene editing inherited from EU membership, Ben Cooper looks at what new gene-editing techniques offer the agri-food industry, and how consumers across the world are reacting to them.

COP26 – Total responsibility, partial control: the food company’s climate conundrum

Food companies have to take responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain and product lifecycle, which predominantly means effecting change in areas outside their direct control.

The microbiome – an unseen world of possibilities

Studies into the microbiome and how it can help humans eat themselves well are in their nascent stages. However, some of the largest names in food are upbeat about the potential.

Why food companies must address dual malnutrition challenge

Ben Cooper looks at how the food industry can help eradicate malnutrition in all its forms and what the world increasingly expects of it.