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Simon Creasey

Why food manufacturers will continue the reformulation game

The recent spikes in costs gave fresh impetus to manufacturers’ moves to reformulate and the practice is likely, for different reasons, to continue.

Why we need to talk about ultra-processed foods

The case against ultra-processed foods (UPFs) is gaining momentum but will it result in change?

All eyes on FDA amid sluggish US CBD food market

US sales of foods containing CBD haven’t reached expected highs. Could the introduction of federal rules help?

Tech leaves food industry more exposed to cybersecurity threat

The rising use of technology in food supply chains means the sector is more at risk of cyber breaches, writes Simon Creasey.

Insect-food makers believe consumers are getting the bug

An insect-food category will likely take many years to take flight but there appear to be signs interest is starting to hatch.

Food manufacturers see potential for AI in NPD

While there are questions about how far AI and machine learning can be used in product innovation, a number of global food groups are embracing the technology.

How the meat industry is embracing automation

The world’s largest meat processors, already using tech in areas like packing, are investing in ways to make their production more automated.

How AI can aid the food industry – and workers

Despite fears for jobs, proponents of AI say it can benefit food manufacturers and complement existing staff.

How upping spending on IoT can benefit food manufacturers

Food manufacturers’ use of IoT has been slower than in other sectors but it is picking up – and advocates say the tech can help in a number of ways.

Food manufacturers to feel heat from Ukraine war’s impact on sunflower oil trade

The war in Ukraine has disrupted sunflower-oil supplies, pushing up prices and prompting changes to sourcing and recipes.