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How Covid-19 has sparked calls to rethink the CPG supply chain

The way the Covid-19 pandemic shook up industry supply chains has set off calls, in the US at least, for changes to how suppliers and retailers think about the whole system, as Victor Martino reports.

US organic market will remain niche despite Covid sales spike

Sales of organic food sped up in the US in 2020 but competition means growth will slow again.

Foods with function – health and wellness is alive and well in US

Covid has led consumers to seek out more foods and beverages offering functional benefits.

Why NFTs can offer marketing opportunities for FMCG brands

Non-fungible tokens have captured the attention of the art world and, although some see NFTs as a fad, just-food’s US…

Why 2020 was not a victory for big CPG brands

2020 was the year in which, in the US, big brands fought back, as shoppers sought comfort in what they knew, right? Not necessarily, writes just-food columnist Victor Martino.

What trends are shaping the US pet-food market?

just-food’s US columnist Victor Martino reflects on how Covid-19 could have a lasting effect on the US pet-food market.

Five categories to thrive in new normal for US packaged food

just-food’s US columnist Victor Martino sets out five areas he believes will thrive in the country’s packaged-food market in the wake of Covid-19.

Under the cloud of Covid-19, the US food industry must follow these five collective actions in 2021

just-food’s Stateside columnist Victor Martino has put forward five actions the industry should follow during what looks set to be another year shaped by Covid-19.

US dairy – a need for a major re-think

Our columnist Victor Martino looks at the problems facing the ailing US dairy industry and at its prospects for turning things around.

Cereal isn’t dead – it just needs better strategy and some ‘snap, crackle and pop’

just-food’s US columnist Victor Martino takes a close look at the US cereal category and suggests ways in which product providers might up their game.