Sanitary food pumps, valves and compressors are used in different steps during manufacturing in the food and beverage industry, including fermentation, mixing, pumping fluids, packaging, spraying, sterilisation, preservation, air filtration, and transportation.

Finding suppliers of pumps, valves and compressors

Just Food has listed some of the leading suppliers and providers of pumps, valves and compressors, based on its intel, insights and decades of experience in the sector.

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It also features suppliers of technologies such as agitators, mixers, and pump processing technology, eccentric disc pump technology, and custom pumping technology for sugar, starch and protein.

The information in the download document is intended for food processing executives, food packaging executives, engineers, associates, managers, specialists, suppliers, and other individuals involved in the manufacturing and supply of pumps, valves and compressors or other operations in the food processing industry.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their product and service offerings, as well as contact details to aid your purchase or hiring decision.

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Role of pumps and compressors in the food industry

Pumps and compressors have numerous applications in the food and beverage industry. They are inseparable parts of bakeries, breweries and wineries, where they are used for preparing products such as natural flavourings, frostings, dough, batter and pie fillings, handling yeast and additives, making slurries, measuring additives and flavourings, filtration, sugar production, removal and recovery in molasses, stews and meat fillings, effluent and waste treatment, filter press feed, chemical dosing, and waste transfer.

Air and gas compressors are vital tools for the food and beverage industry. Air compressors are essential for packaging and processing applications such as peeling vegetables and filling pastries. They also help reduce wastage and increase productivity.

Gas compressors are key components of food-grade nitrogen generators, which are used to infuse cold coffee or beer and dispense beverages and ice creams while improving their flavours and storage times.

Peristaltic pumps, which work similarly to animal and human digestive systems, are used in the dairy and juice industry for transporting products and metering accurately while adding flavours, colours, and preservatives. They enhance productivity while ensuring safety and hygiene. Vacuum pumps are used to remove gases for sealing, while sanitary food pumps are used for the sterile processing of food and beverages that require regular cleaning.

Valves used in the food industry

Valves are important parts of all food and beverage processing facilities. They can be broadly divided into two sub-classes: direct contact valves and utility services valves. Valves are selected based on the processing requirements of different food and beverage material. In addition, temperature, pressure, viscosity, and elements are taken into consideration when selecting valves for a facility.

Microbiological safety and product quality depend largely on the quality of the valves used in the consumer goods production process. Sanitary valves are used to connect and control conveyance pipes while maintaining the purity and quality of the fluids being transported.