While bioprocessing is one of the oldest methods to produce fermented foods such as yoghurt, bread, cheese and soybean products, changing consumer preferences for healthy, nutritious and smart food products is driving the demand for food processing aids and ingredients that are biologically derived. This makes bioprocess facility design an increasingly important factor for success

Food and beverage manufacturers are increasingly looking for innovative and cost-effective bioprocess engineering solutions to add value and improve the storage life and marketability of their final products.

Finding the best bioprocess facility design and engineering companies

Just Food has listed some of the leading bioprocess plant engineering, operations and maintenance companies based on its intel, insights and expertise in the sector.

The list includes turnkey bioprocess plant engineering contractors, designers and suppliers of multiphase bioreactors, fermenters and other bioprocessing equipment used in food and beverage processing applications, as well as food bioprocessing consultants and bioprocess plant operations and maintenance specialists.

The information contained within the download document is useful for food product development consultants, food process managers and engineers, food processing plant managers, operations and quality executives, procurement officers, and any other individual involved in food product design, experiment, processing, packaging, storage, and safety assurance.

The download contains detailed information on food bioprocess plant design and engineering companies and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decision.

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Applications of bioprocessing in the food industry

Bioprocessing for food application entails the production, development and application of microorganisms such as bacteria and enzymes to add health and nutritional value, safeguard the original taste, colour and texture, and tailor the food product quality to specific market demands.

Bioprocessed ingredients are being widely used in food supplements, beverages, and general and functional food products.

The applications of bioprocessing in the food industry include, but are not limited to:

· Production, extraction, purification and immobilisation of enzymes

· Fermentation and fermented food development

· Genetic enhancement

· Cross-linked enzyme aggregate (CLEA) immobilisation to produce omega-3 ingredients

· Milk proteins processing and vegetable oils refining

· Production of probiotic ingredients for infant formula, dietary supplements, and functional food products

· Purification and isolation of functional food ingredients and naturally derived food processing aids, and

· Downstream processing and value-adding of food processing wastes

Advancements in bioprocessing technology

Bioprocess engineering is providing new solutions to improve food product characteristics according to consumer demands for nutrient value, functionality, taste, colour, texture, freshness and aesthetics.

Modern bioprocess plants and equipment are using advanced technologies such as nanosensors and computational modelling to monitor and maintain the bioprocessing conditions effectively and to maximise product quality and cost-efficiency.

Bioprocess engineering is also leading to the emergence of the new field of cellular agriculture, which could enable the production of lab-grown meat and cell-cultured shrimp.

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