Requirements for materials handling and conveying for the food industry vary with the foods and the processing methods. With safety and hygiene being the top priorities, food and beverage companies need specialised handling, storage and conveying equipment, along with solutions for different processing and logistics applications.

Adopting optimised materials handling and conveying solutions can help to reduce food processing and logistics costs, as well as boost production capacity. Food companies need safe, efficient and intelligent equipment to ensure the hygienic and smooth conveying and handling of food ingredients and products.

Finding materials handling and conveying equipment suppliers

Just Food has listed leading manufacturers and suppliers of conveying equipment such as conveyor belts and materials handling solutions for food industry applications.

The list features the manufacturers and suppliers of a whole range of food conveyor belts and food-grade materials handling solutions catering to all major sub-sectors of the food industry.

The download document is designed for food processing plant managers, food operations and quality managers, food production and supply chain managers, food processing consultants and engineers, materials handling officials, procurement officers and any other individual involved in food processing, packaging, handling, storage, as well as safety and hygiene assurance.

The document contains detailed information on the suppliers and their product lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Food processing conveyor belts and hygienic materials handling solutions

Food processing companies are increasingly looking for suitable conveying, handling and storage equipment and solutions that are smarter and more cost-effective against airborne dust, contaminants, and various micro-organisms.

Choosing appropriate conveyor and materials handling systems in a food processing plant can accelerate production time, optimise available floor space, and reduce production costs. Companies are increasingly looking for easy-to-assemble, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, modern and efficient conveying and materials handling systems to reduce downtime.

The materials handling and conveying equipment, components, solutions and services include:

  • Heavy-duty gravity conveyors, conveyor rollers, crossbelt sorters, belt curves, merges, and diverters
  • Antimicrobial stainless-steel metal belts
  • Rubber, PVC, urethane and plastic modular belts, spare parts, upgrades, and repairs
  • U trough, tube, keyhole, paddle, vertical, and belt conveyors
  • Flush grid, metal detectable and spiral food conveyor belts
  • Spiral belting for spiral cage and self-stacking systems
  • High-quality mixers, agitators, and slurry pumps for handling food industry waste
  • Elastomer hoses and hose lines
  • Vacuum transfer, dosing and weighing machines
  • Powder filling, emptying and blending systems
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Containment, docking and hygienic mechanical sealing solutions
  • Robotics solutions for automated palletising, handling and storage of buckets, crates, boxes, bags, sacks, and bottles