This week was a bit of a mixed bag, with Premier Foods plc providing a fairly miserable outlook for the rest of 2010, and seeing rising wheat prices impact prices, while both the US and Canada (separately) announced new nutrition labelling programmes. Emerging markets returned to fore, with Japanese retailers looking to their neighbours for growth, while McCormick & Co. revealed expansion plans in Turkey and north Africa. Here’s the best of what was said this week:

“We’re not looking for a fantastic Christmas, we’re looking for a standardised type Christmas approach, with around a 1% volume growth” –  Premier Foods plc chief executive Robert Schofield on the company’s outlook.

“What we’re now trying to do is leverage Swiss origin, our quality, all things Swiss and build a bit more of an umbrella brand, a bit more of a power brand, rather than have individual brands for individual products” – Emmi head of marketing Robin Barraclough on the dairy company’s marketing strategy.

“Japan’s economy is recovering from the recession, but is very much hindered by the very strong yen, making exports not as competitive as they should be, and is also impacted by low consumer confidence, particularly as the fear of unemployment weighs heavily on them” – Euromonitor International retailing analyst Raphael Moreau on Japan’s stagnating economy as many of its major grocery retailers look abroad for growth.

“I applaud the steps that have been taken to have an open, thoughtful and forward-moving discussion” around FDI.” Wal-Mart president and CEO Mike Duke on moves around Foreign Direct Investment in Indian multi-brand retail.

“It represents the most significant change to food labels in the United States in nearly twenty years” – Kellogg president and CEO Dave Mackay on new front-of-pack labelling plans in the US.

“This is a fantastic step forwards for food packaging – we know our customers really want to be responsible and using Plantic means that they can enjoy a delicious box of chocolates without the worry of what to do with the leftover tray.” – Helene Roberts, head of packaging at Marks and Spencer on its new compostable chocolate trays.

“This new education initiative enhances the consumer’s understanding of percentage daily value, and we’re excited to include those messages on select brands within our Quaker and Frito Lay Canada portfolios” – Marc Guay, president of PepsiCo Foods Canada on a new nutrition initiative in Canada.

“If you are the first to do it, you’re here forever” –Jean-Francois Cauvi, commercial director for developing markets at McCormick & Co., says it is vital to be first into a market as the spice giant outlines its investment in Turkey and north Africa.

“Increased promotional spending throughout the industry is conditioning consumers to expect lower prices, and in the absence of product innovation that resonates with consumers, weaning them from lower prices could prove challenging, particularly as unemployment levels remain elevated” – Morningstar analyst Erin Swanson is uncertain whether US cereal makers can convince shoppers to pay more for their cereal.

“Apparently the talks are dead. I’m not sure what their options are now” – a financial source wonders what lies ahead for United Biscuits’ owners after talks to sell the business to China’s Bright Food broke down.