Berndorf Band's training

During each production step, all steel belts from Berndorf Band are run consistently between two drums. This results in straight belts with high-quality tracking, which means less downtime resulting from tracking problems and longer product life due to less belt damage. In addition, Berndorf Band’s steel belts are flat and even, leading to improved product quality and less scrap.

Technical support

Berndorf Band has an international service network offering steel belt installation, repair, and inspection. The company’s highly qualified engineers and service technicians can perform inspections on your steel belt and conveyor. Berndorf Band also offers other special engineering services related to conveyor improvements. This leads from conception to delivery and installation of conveyor components such as skid and graphite bars, idler rollers, or belt cleaning elements.

Berndorf Band’s comprehensive service also includes adjustment of steel belts and all belt touching parts to eliminate belt tracking problems and increase the life-cycle of steel belts, minimising downtime. The company’s main focus is to ensure that its customers receive the very best support.

A team of engineers at the service centre in Berndorf works with local service organisations to provide expert advice and schedule installation, as well as maintenance work together with the customer.

It goes without saying that the patented special tools we use are being constantly improved in Berndorf, enabling us to modify them to meet special customer requirements. As a result, Berndorf Band’s customers can manufacture high-quality end products, which improve machine availability and extend the service life of steel belts.


Berndorf Band makes sure that all of its service specialists are trained in the latest work techniques and service tools at regular intervals. The company is always pleased to pass on its training experience to customers and offer tailor-made training.

Steel belts from Berndorf Band are high-quality, sophisticated products that require highly trained technicians for their repair. The company’s customers’ technical staff can receive practical training under realistic conditions at the training centre in Berndorf.

Over the course of a week’s training in Austria, Berndorf’s customers’ maintenance personnel have the opportunity to carry out skilled repair on steel belts under the direction of Berndorf Band’s service specialists. Each trainee receives a certificate confirming completion of this training.

If it is not possible to send your company’s engineers to Austria, Berndorf’s bernfixx® Mobile Training Centre contains all the equipment needed for comprehensive training. It can be used wherever it is needed due to its well thought-out, compact design, even on site at your company premises.

Training for in-house maintenance pays off from the very first repair they carry out, as downtime is minimised and any possible negative impact on the quality of the final product is avoided thanks to on-the-spot repair. In addition, in-house technicians are highly motivated by their improved skills and greater responsibility for repair work.