Aquarius is a sub-brand of CFS and is specialised processing and packaging machines for sugar cubes and lollipops, as well as supplier of CFS vertical packaging machines for the confectionery industry. From a single machine to a complete line, we have everything you need.

CFS Weert offers expertise and excellence in specific fields, with dedicated teams for research and development, production, installation and product support. These are complemented by our technology centre, where we work with customers to test and tailor solution specific to their requirements.


This sequence is appropriate for ball lollipops, or flat lollipops where a customer needs something other than a sandwich wrap. Versatility is the key, as a wide range of ball and cylindrical shapes can be created, limited only by the producer’s imagination. Lollipops can be further enhanced with flavourful fillings of chocolate, powders or pastes, with diameters between 18mm and 35mm.

To retain the attractive candy mass shape, cooling is necessary directly after forming. Once cooled, the lollipops proceed to a wrap chosen to enhance their appealing design perfectly.


Double twist-wrapping speeds for ball lollipops can now reach 1,000 pieces a minute. With the new TwistWrapper wrapping of ball lollipops between 18mm – 35mm diameter can be performed much easier, at higher speeds, with better control and with improved hygiene. Because there is an ideal presentation for each lollipop, Aquarius has machines for all the different wrapping styles including bunch wrap, sachet or double twist for ball lollipops, and sandwich and sachet for flat or three-dimensional lollipops. Forming and wrapping can be performed by one machine, minimising floor space requirements.


Once you’ve produced the tastiest candies around, you’ll want to package them in an attractive pack style. CFS expertise can help you construct appealing packs that consumers will find absolutely irresistible, for every kind of sweet treat, from lollipops to sugar cubes.

CFS offers high-performance packaging machinery so versatile that you can bag each type of confectionery in a variety of pack styles in the most effective possible way. Profitability is assured by state-of-the-art engineering and integrated fully-automated lines that pack sweets in record time. Even the most delicate goodies can be packages with full retention of their quality.


The industry is characterized by increasingly demanding consumers. In highly developed markets consumers want value for money, easy solutions, smaller portions, convenient packaging and safe products. With the CFS SmartPacker we have just the solution for that.

Whether you need standing bags that optimize shelf space in the supermarket like the Quattro seal block bottom bags, or perfectly stackable and pure candy to the eye packages like the Quatro Box by CFS. The space efficient packaging solution will definitely give you a competitive edge in the struggle for shelf space. Consumers will love the new “easy opening / reseal” system that makes the Quatro Box so comfortable to open and re-close.

This is not the only re-closable option we can offer. Any pack can benefit from a re-closing system, whether it is a block bottom quarto-seal or a flat pillow bag. Consumers often like to eat a few treats now and save the rest for later, so a ZipTrick pack adds value and interest.

To make sure you get maximum benefit from your SmartPacker, CFS pack consultancy can also help you devise your packages. Our packaging experts anticipate market needs, and can share expertise gained in years of working with many different candy-manufacturers – while maintaining strict confidentiality of course – to help you turn your ideas into unique, delicious-looking confectionery packages.