Formcook manufactures and supplies continuous conduction cooking equipment for the food industry and recognises other equipment manufactures for the supply of preparation, freezing and packing equipment. At Formcook we share the passion for food with our customers and we tailor the equipment to provide the best cooking techniques. That’s the recipe for success.

Contact cookers

The Formcook contact cooker incorporates the principle of cooking the product continuously between two cooking belts. The most effective method of transferring heat between two bodies is by direct contact. This is achieved by placing the product between the two cooking belts which run between hot plates. The energy is transferred from the heating plates through the cooking belt and direct to the product.

Our contact cooker seals the natural juiciness and natural fats in the product for the highest eating quality and minimum cooking losses.

  • Fast cooking provides higher yield
  • Easy and quick changes between products
  • Always cooking on clean belts
  • No belt mark on product

Patented combi cookers

The Formcook combi oven is continuous with the unique advantages of contact cooking and convection/steam.

Products are cooked on a solid non-stick cooking belt that runs over heating plates using steam and forced air on the top to provide the necessary temperature and color.

A combi cooker is the market’s most versatile oven, allowing all types of solid and semi viscous products to be processed with a natural homemade appearance.

  • Clean and solid cooking belts can easily handle heavy marinated products
  • No belt mark on product
  • Meat will ‘puff up’ or swell, giving the texture a light and tender structure
  • Products will have a homemade appearance

HSC – hot air steam cookers

The HSC hot air steam cooker uses convection technology. A combination of steam and high temperature forced air makes it a cost-effective choice. For some products, we recommend the convection oven as a complement to our other processing equipment; for example, after a contact cooker or a combi cooker to achieve the correct core temperature in the product.

Forming machines

The Wiking 6 forming machine works by means of mechanical principles, with gentle and precise product handling. Its mechanical operation gives a number of unique advantages over hydraulic and more advanced forming machines, which are invaluable when forming/shaping products.

The construction of the Wiking 6 makes it easy to operate with accuracy. Almost all maintenance and repairs can quickly be handled by your own technician. It is quick and easy to change forming devices.

The Wiking 6 is excellent for forming products like:

  • Meat, fish, vegetable and pastries
  • Delicate products that require very low pressure when forming
  • Additional options include meatball-rolling device, shuttle, etc.
  • Built in stainless steel with details of PEHD

About Formcook

Formcook develops continuous cooking systems that produce food products of the same high quality as those prepared naturally at home or in restaurants. We run a 200m² tech centre where customers can test new machinery or trial existing/new food products on our machines. The tech centre makes it possible for us to determine the most suitable machinery for our customers’ products.

The Formcook sales team, test centre, and design and assembly facility are all gathered within 3,000m². The short distance between departments mirrors the company philosophy “do one thing, do it together and do it really well”.