The Henry Group provides bakery services and equipment, including ovens, to the wholesale baking industry. The company provides equipment installation, relocation, and line upgrade services. It also provides oven rebuild and OSHA inspection services for all models of oven.

The Henry Group manufactures a variety of industrial equipment ovens, proofers, conveyor systems, spirals, bread baggers, pan cleaners and bun slicers, along with custom-designed equipment for unique applications.

The company also specialises in stainless fabrications for the baking industry, such as proof box racks, pan trucks, and work platforms. We machine many replacement parts for bakeries, including oven parts, bagger parts, sheeter rollers, and more.


The Henry Group’s oven unloader is designed for unloading bread, bun or hearth products, as well as pans and specialty pans direct from travelling tray and tunnel ovens.

Oven unloaders come complete with AC variable speed drives, limit switches, proximity switches, photo eyes and timing mechanisms as required. Pan unloaders consist of a mesh belt conveyor or powered roller conveyor to feed a powered tilting roller conveyor for conveying pans from oven hearth to the powered discharge conveyor. This automatically retracts, leaving pans on the multi-strand chain conveyor for discharge from the oven hearth.

Combination pan and product unloaders consist of a pan unloader with special hinged mesh belt conveyor or powered roller conveyor which can be hoisted away from the oven discharge, allowing the product to travel down the stainless steel slide and be discharged onto the product discharge conveyor used to transfer products from the oven discharge area to the product conveying and cooling system.


The Henry Group’s automatic tray proofer is equipped with push bar loading and unloading along with lightweight double-hung proofer trays. The entire system is constructed of either stainless or hot-dipped galvanized components, ensuring that all structural members are either stainless or plated.

Exterior cam-lock enclosure panels have stainless interior and exterior finish for maintaining an energy efficient and sanitary environment. An air waterwash system maintains proper control of heat and humidity for a constant proofing environment. A variable frequency controller provides adjustable proof times.


The Henry Group offers four models of pan cleaners for wholesale baking operations: the THG2600, THG3600 and THG4200 bun pan cleaner, and the THG4000 bread pan cleaner. Individual specifications and quotes for each model are available upon request.


The THG bulk case packer is an innovative design for case packing frozen food products. It is ideal for wholesale baking operations or many other food applications. Designed to be easily cleaned and simple to maintain, and able to control the rotary pack / fill station, this product slows as the target weight is near being met to allow product dribble. Applications include:

  • Frozen dough
  • Frozen bagels
  • Par-baked goods
  • Frozen appetizers
  • Frozen meat
  • Frozen hand-held food products

The Henry Group is a diverse organization with the ability to serve our customers in many ways. Established in the 1970s as an equipment installation firm, the company continues to thrive today as one of the premier installation groups in the industry.

The evolution of the group’s manufacturing abilities is evident today in the continually growing line of equipment that it offers. More than ever before, The Henry Group possesses the engineering, construction and manufacturing abilities to serve you and your company’s needs to help you stay on top. The company’s focus is to offer efficient solutions the first time, and it adopts a ‘performance first’ approach to any project it undertakes.