J4 was established in 1994 and deals with the development and production of cyclothermic tunnel band baking ovens and the delivery of complete baking, bakery lines and bakeries. The ovens are not only designed for baking rye, rye-wheat and wheat bread, but also various types of bread and pastries, fancy breads, pies, stuffed cakes, cookies, gingerbread, sponge cake biscuits, salted sticks and numerous other baked products.

High temperature pre-bake ovens

The preparation of dough for these lines is solved according to the type of bread and then mainly according to the dough ingredients. Concerning these lines and primarily in the case of baking dark dough, from pure rye, to rye-wheat dark dough, it is most suitable to use our high temperature pre-bake oven, primarily with granite plate or another type of conveyor bands.

These high temperature pre-bake ovens enable high finishing temperatures to be reached, which are especially needed for dough containing rye. Once the bread has passed through the pre-bake oven, it is then transferred to the traditional oven with the help of a bridge conveyor. As opposed to other ovens this oven does not need to be equipped with a steam zone, nor does the structure have to be adapted to baking with higher temperatures.

Multi-line type liners

In recent times multi-line type liners have become one of the fastest growing segments. The advantage of these lines is that they enable you to bake various types of products, baked either in individual forms, or in its sets, or on trays (plates) of same of varying dimensions all in one production line.

This allows a wide assortment of products to be realised on one production line, such as:

  • Toast
  • Bread prepared according to special recipes, baked in forms or in various unit sizes of forms or on trays
  • Hamburger buns, hotdogs etc.
  • Ciabatta, pan rusico etc.
  • Baguettes
  • Pizza bottoms

Pressureless steam generator

The pressureless steam generator is a device for the additional production of technological steam for PPP baking band tunnel ovens. The stated generator becomes sufficient in the complete coverage of necessary technological steam, primarily concerning ovens with lower baking surfaces, upon the selection of suitable yeast and dough technology with the goal to decrease the amount of steam necessary in the hydrothermal zone of the band baking oven. The installation of BVP will not affect the baking characteristics of the oven (baking uniformity, baking curve etc.).

Baking ovens

PPP xxx ovens with various types of bands from widths of 0.6m to 4m work continuously with all types of liquid and gas fuels and electricity with a high level of heat effectiveness, and they are the basis for organising production with a low share of human labour.

All of the stated oven widths can also be equipped with respective lines for forming and proofing bread and white pastries, which guarantees savings of at least several workers in comparison with batch ovens. The standard is a high and constant level of quality of baked products for lower demands on service quantity and quality.

Our ovens are especially suitable for bakeries with a daily production of 5,000÷70,000 pc of pastries and from 300÷4,500 pc of bread and possibly more in the case of exceptional configuration.

The ovens can be configured any way you like with consideration to the required baking technology, and primarily – with regards to cyclothermic ovens the position of the tower with which the required temperature curves can be reached in the oven (keeping in mind the products which will be baked in the given oven).

Pre-steam zone

This concerns both pre-steam related to the in feed area of the baking chamber of the oven, and the actual pre-steam chamber itself which is positioned independently in front of the oven in feed area. The length of this pre-steam zone is selected according to the required production technology and the number of installed steam pipes is changed in relation to the length.

The main benefit of using this pre-steam is that the product is steamed in a “cold”, unheated chamber in front of the oven, thereby attaining much better adhesion of the steam to the product, thus also providing more effective use of steam. The use of pre-steam is suitable for both the production of pure black rye or rye-wheat bread, and for a number of other, entirely different products depending on local custom and traditional production technologies of the client.

The standard length of the pre-steam installed on the oven in feed area is 650mm and it contains three double-jacketed steam pipes with 100% condensat ion separation.