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Rack Ovens, Shop Ovens, Vacuum Coolers, Provers / Prover-Retarders and Humidifiers

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Revent invented and delivered the world’s very first rack oven in 1958 and since then has been committed to providing products of the highest quality and reliability. We offer top-of-the-line ovens and products that customers can depend on, day after day, year after year.

Our products include single-rack ovens, double-rack ovens, multi-rack ovens, shop ovens, vacuum coolers, provers / prover-retarders and humidifiers.

Single-rack ovens

Revent 725 single-rack ovens are 2,499mm x 1,614mm x 2,080mm and have a net weight of 1,265kg. They have a heating capacity of 80kW (oil / gas) or 52kW-57kW (electric). Their maximum tray size is 600mm x 800mm – one single rack.

Our 726 single-rack ovens are 2,472mm x 1,431mm x 1,942mm and have a net weight of 1,000kg. Their heating capacity is 50kW (oil / gas) or 39kW-43kW (electric). Their maximum tray size is 500mm x 800mm – one single rack.

Both of our single-rack oven models feature Revent’s total convection control (TCC) system and Revent’s high-volume steam (HVS) system. They are both available with a choice of canopies, rack lifts and platform, as well as other options.

Double-rack ovens

Our 723 double-rack ovens are 2,556mm x 2,594mm x 2,011mm and have a net weight of 2,500kg. Their heating capacity is 140kW (oil / gas) or 110.5kW-116kW (electric). Their maximum tray size is 800mm x 600mm – two single racks.

Our 724 double-rack ovens are 2,499mm x 2,039mm x 2,280mm with a net weight of 1,665kg (oil / gas) or 1,610kg (electric). Their heating capacity is 100kW (oil / gas) or 67kW-74kW (electric). They offer a maximum tray size of 750mm x 1,000mm (one double rack) or 457mm x 762mm (two single racks).

Both double-rack oven models feature Revent’s TCC and HVS systems. The 723 oven has a platform and the 724 oven has a choice of lift / platform. Both ovens are available with a choice of different options.

Multi-rack ovens

Like our single-rack and double-rack ovens, the Revent 703 multi-rack oven has a range of options.

Our 703 multi-rack ovens have a maximum tray size of up to four single racks (750mm x 500mm) or three single racks (800mm x 600mm). Their dimensions are 2,550mm x 2,960mm x 2,435mm and they have a net weight of 2,700kg. Heating capacity is 160kW (oil / gas) or 120kW-131kW (electric).

Shop ovens

Our 739 shop oven has a fixed rotating rack for eight trays. Like our single-rack, double-rack and multi-rack ovens, the 739 shop oven features Revent’s TCC and HVS systems.

Its maximum tray size is eight trays of 457mm x 762mm. The 739 shop oven has dimensions of 2,204mm x 1,070mm x 1,809mm and has a net weight of 565kg. Its heating capacity is 25kW (oil / gas) or 14kW-16kW (electric).

Vacuum coolers

Our vacuum cooler enhances the volume and quality of the bread in several aspects, providing better structure, taste and aroma. It also shortens the total baking time radically as it cools the bread in just a few minutes after which it is ready for slicing and / or packaging. The vacuum cooler is offered in ten different models with different sizes, from the small development environment compact unit to the larger air-cooled and water-cooled units.

The air-cooled units have two component systems with vacuum chamber and pump separately. The water-cooled units have three component systems with vacuum chamber, pump and heat exchanger separately. The process volume of dough per batch goes up to a maximum of 200kg per batch, with a maximum of 14 batches per hour. Power ranges from the smallest unit, 5.5kW, to 22kW for the largest models. This product is available with different options.

Provers / retarders and humidifiers

Revent manufactures a range of other products, including the P7200 prover / retarder, which is available in electrically heated models in a variety of sizes, and our EB and EBK humidifiers, which are electrically heated and both feature Revent Air Wash, one of the most sophisticated humidification systems on the market. This heavy-duty system is employed in wholesale bakeries worldwide where its unique technology takes baking quality to a higher level.

Tunnel ovens and deck ovens

We also have a range of tunnel ovens and deck ovens.

Time-saving, durable ovens

A Revent oven is a long-term investment that pays off over time. Our ovens have lower costs of installation, operation and maintenance than other producers. The recovery time – the time from taking bread out of the oven until it is ready to bake again – is shorter than for other ovens, so you can produce more in the same amount of time.

A Revent oven lasts longer than other ovens on the market. Our way of thinking in long-time quality terms for the baker is also a guiding star in the development of new products. Our new Revent vacuum cooler shortens the total baking time radically by shortening the cooling time to just a few minutes, at the same time significantly enhancing many quality aspects of your end product – the bread.

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