Sveba-Dahlen develops, markets and produces ovens for professional baking, and also provides a complete range of bakery equipment for all types of bakeries, large and small. Right from the start in 1948 Sveba-Dahlen has lead the development of baking ovens. A big sales success is the Classic deck oven series, which is in use all over the world. The pizza version has also become tremendously popular. In 1964 the rotating rack oven was invented by Sveba-Dahlen, which changed the way baking was made. These days there is a rack oven in just about every bakery.

Apart from deck and rack ovens Sveba-Dahlen also produces electrical and gas-fired tunnel ovens, provers, retarder-provers and freezer-provers. In every area of baking technology, development has been continually pushed forward in technology, energy, method, research and experience.


The Sveba-Dahlen rack ovens are built to satisfy requirements for high productivity with low operating and maintenance costs – an investment that soon pays. The rack ovens are excellent for baguettes, rolls, fancy breads and heavier bread types.

The rack oven’s stainless exterior maintains low temperature and is easy to keep clean. The large front window with heat-reflecting glass and good lighting gives a good overview of the baking process. Both the C- and the V-series rack ovens can run on electricity, oil or gas.


Classic is the deck oven for all bakers who wish to bake traditionally with the latest baking technology. Classic deck ovens are designed in a flexible module system with many options. The module system gives each bakery the ability to create the deck oven that suits its needs best.

Each oven section – up to five in height – can be individually controlled with separate settings of the top, bottom and front heat. This makes Classic very flexible with regard to time, temperature and heat distribution.


Sveba-Dahlen’s pizza ovens have been developed in close co-operation with experienced pizza bakers. All pizza oven models are robust and reliable, designed to satisfy the wishes of the baker and requirements for functionality, comfort and economy.

The pizza oven’s stainless exterior is easy to keep clean. Stable, ergonomic oven doors, together with a simple instrument panel, make the pizza ovens easy to use. The pizza oven has very efficient heat control and is built to reach working temperatures rapidly.


Sveba-Dahlen’s tunnel ovens and fermentation lines are manufactured in accordance with a well-tried and tested basic concept, and are known for their high operational reliability and low maintenance costs. Each tunnel oven from Sveba-Dahlen is unique, and is suited to the specific requirements of the customer. This gives us unique market experience of industrial bakery solutions.


An efficient prover / retarder / freezer installation gives reliable control of the temperature during the important resting phases between cooling and proving. The baking for the following morning is already prepared during the previous afternoon and evening. Fermatic ensures that the product is fermented and ready at exactly the right time the following morning. These preparations save time and money.

The efficient cooling installations work with low air exchange, which gives reliable regulation of the temperature.