Established in Italy in 1948, Tonelli Group is a key manufacturer and global supplier of food processing equipment for bakery and confectionery products.
Starting from its core mixing systems business, the company has set its goals on technologies applied to end products. For several decades, Tonelli has been an important guide for customers looking for high-quality food processing machinery and a partner that will help them optimise production and increase their business.
Today, Tonelli produces six different models of mixers for soft batters and creams to hard doughs, two models of cooking and concentrating systems, pasteurising plants for custard creams, sauces and fillings. It offers several kinds of heat exchangers, multiple configurations for its MultiCake lines for snacks and cakes, as well as turnkey processing lines, from ingredients feeding to packaging.

Mixing systems for creams and batters for the bakery and confectionery industry

Suitable for both the hardest and softest of batters and also for creams and fillings, the Tonelli Planetary Mixer has made history and become a source of inspiration for producers all over the world. The peculiarity of this mixer lies in its versatility, since the asset and complexity can be changed according to the end product.
Tonelli’s highly efficient Horizontal Mixer produces strong-consistency doughs for cookies and crackers using a direct drive on the mixing arm and a pressurised mixing environment.
The company’s other mixers, such as the Batter Premixer, Cream Premixer and Centrifugal Homogenizer, have been designed with high-quality standards for use with simple mixtures.
The Continuous Aerating Mixer is a turbo emulsifier that can aerate any product that requires an even structure and increased volume, such as sponge batter, cream, mousse and marshmallow.
Each product can combine with others in complex food processing plants.

Pasteurisers, cookers, aseptic homogenisers and concentrators

Tonelli provides solutions for batch pasteurisation and cooking / concentrating for creams, mousses, custards, mayonnaise and other sauces, with remarkable advantages that include:

  • Easily vary the process parameters
  • Creamier, smoother and more homogenous texture, due to lower mechanical stress when mixing
  • Reduced loss of product on production’s start and stop
  • Reduced washing and sanitising times
  • Complete cooking / pasteurising cycle is performed entirely in the batch and is very quick
  • Reduced cooling times, thanks to work under vacuum.

The COMBITHERMIX© or the Multifunctional Mixer are the hearts of such plants. Pasteurised creams help to improve the product’s quality, while extending the cake’s shelf-life.

Thermal treatments for high-quality confectionery products

Over the years, Tonelli has developed different models of thermal exchangers for specific production requirements, including scraped surface exchangers, rotary exchangers, in-line exchangers and the COMBIAERATOR© Exchanger, to create complex products that require a specific heat treatment such as pre-oven cheese cream for croissants or custard cream.

Turnkey MultiCake processing lines

Tonelli provides complete turnkey plants to produce sweet snacks such as layer cakes, rolls, milk snacks and family sized cakes, as well as sponge bases for celebration cakes, soft biscuits, cupcakes, plum cakes, fig bars and many other finished products.
The Tonelli Multiproduct Sponge Cake Lines are completely automatic, from the ingredients’ dosing through to the processing and packaging. They are designed and made to ensure very high outputs and an excellent standardisation and quality of the snack production.

Fat plasticisation plant for high-quality stocks of edible fat

The Tonelli Fat Plasticisation Plant allows customers to produce the right amount of semi-finished fat for its own production needs, increasing the quality of the product and achieving large savings on storage costs, handling and unpacking labour.

Testing laboratory for bakery and confectionery production

In Italy, Tonelli has established a 700m2 research and development laboratory, equipped with both classic and advanced equipment. At the facility, the team create permanently developed recipes and technologies for the market in order to provide the customer with the most advanced solutions.
The Tonelli lab is available for customers wishing to test in advance how their own recipes and processes can be industrialised with Tonelli equipment. These customers can take advantage of the expertise of Tonelli’s food technologists.
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