Voskhod manufactures bakery ovens, dough mixing machines, dough processing equipment, intermediate provers and final provers.

Rotary convectional bakery ovens

"Voskhod-rotor" bakery rotary ovens are intended for intensive operation in the baking and pastry industries. Their effective air circulation makes a uniform airflow of optimum speed inside the baking chamber. This allows a wide assortment of high-quality products to be baked, including hearth and pan bread, pastry products, meringues and biscuits, without airflow readjustment in the baking chamber.

These bakery rotary ovens provide excellent soak of bread, dough spring and uniform surface shine. It is possible to bake various types of bread of the same weight on one trolley.

Pre-heating and humidification

The pre-heating option in bakery rotary ovens minimizes heat losses while the trolley with the dough pieces is in the baking chamber, and reduces the time it takes for the oven to reach optimal baking temperature. The powerful steam humidification system provides the baking chamber with the necessary quantities of steam. This system is located directly in hot airflow. The oven control system is based on a microprocessor controller, which provides the maximal set of functions.

The "Voskhod-rotor" range includes ovens with a hearth area of 4.86m², 7.1m², 9.7m², 14.85m² and 21.6m². The heating system of the ovens can be changed; gas can be changed for diesel fuel or electricity by replacing the heat exchanger for a tubular electric heater (and vice versa).

Dough dividers

Voskhod manufactures three models intended for delicate dough dividing. The dividers differ from each other in their output parameters, quantity of measured pistons and dough piece weight. The parts of the dividing mechanism that come into contact with the dough are made of alloyed (corrosion-proof) cast-iron and have increased wear resistance, which provides reliability and durability.

Dividers are protected against blocking by changeable rupture elements. The bodies of the dough dividers are made of stainless steel, and their efficiency is guaranteed, in comparison with the European analogues because of oil consumption (from 160ml up to 200ml for 500 working strokes, depending on the dough divider model).

Dough rounders

Voskhod manufactures three models of dough rounder. The cones, launders and feed trays (working surfaces) of all dough rounder models are covered with stalaflon (an equivalent to teflon that has high anti-adhesion properties). The plates, which are part of the rounding launders, preclude ‘nipping off’ of dough pieces.

Among the standard functions of Voskhod’s dough rounders are central or operative adjustments of the launder segments’ position in relation to the cone, smooth adjustment of rotation frequency of the cone for the most qualitative rounding of dough pieces, and counting of the dough pieces at the exit from the dough rounder.

Dough moulding machines

Voskhod manufactures dough moulding machines with sheeting rolls made of cestilen (the first pair is equipped with grooves for better dough piece capture) and moulders with end faces made of caplen. The surface of the moulding table is covered with a conveyer belt with wafer figures. Transparent folding covers facilitate access to the sheeting rolls unit and allow the work to be controlled visually. The moulding table can be leant back and fixed in this position for convenience of clearing and service.

In addition to these functions, the "Voskhod-TZ-6" dough moulding machine’s belt and sheeting roll speed can be adjusted for the best possible qualitative moulding of dough pieces. The machine is also equipped with a dough piece counter.

Dough mixing machines

"Prima" machines can be used for intensive mixing. The capacities of the bowls are 40l, 100l, 160l, 300l and 375l. Dough mixing machines with movable or fixed bowls are available, as are models with a built-in hydraulic bowl lifter. Depending on the model, dough mixing machines are equipped with an automatic control system on the basis of the industrial controller and touch-control panel or half-automatic control system.

The JSC SPE firm Voskhod is a holding that consists of three industrial plants; a construction department; investment, managerial and sales companies; and other departmentalizations. The quality management system of the JSC SPE firm Voskhod has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance as conforming to the international standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000.