BEX spray nozzle

BEX, a leading manufacturer of spray nozzles, provides unique and patented technology to improve spray application quality and reduce maintenance. For over 40 years the BEX design and development team has provided answers to tough application questions in a variety of industries. The company’s ongoing commitment to research and development provides the basis for its ability to provide products that meet the changing needs of the industrial environment.

Spray nozzles

BEX spray nozzles are manufactured in North America. The company’s international headquarters are located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, while its US headquarters are situated in Ann Arbor, MI, and its European headquarters are in Willich, Germany.

Product line:

  • Injection-molded nozzles, especially PVDF and non-pigmented PVDF
  • Flat spray “V”, solid stream, hollow cone, flooding and self-cleaning
  • Zip-Tip® quick-change nozzles in stainless or plastic with the new easy-on easy-off Tabz® design
  • Color-coded K-ball® clip-on, spray nozzles of all types and a variety of common and exotic materials
  • Air atomizing spray nozzles – JPL Series
  • Hydraulic atomizing nozzles
  • BEX Twister™ nozzle – one-piece, anti-clogging nozzle offers larger flow rates with spiral design, full and hollow cone patterns
  • Tank mixing eductors of various materials
  • Tank washing / rotating nozzles
  • Air Wisk™ blow-off nozzles produce more thrust with less air

Nozzle material

BEX nozzles are manufactured using a wide variety of materials, including PVDF, polypropylene, brass, bronze, mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, PVC, Teflon, CPVC and more. Special materials are available on request.


Typical applications for BEX nozzles include food processing, parts cleaning, cooling, misting, dust control, the printed circuit board industry, phosphating, rinsing and chemical processes, to name just a few.

Spray nozzle delivery

With thousands of models available from stock, BEX offers the industry’s best delivery of spray nozzles. When an order is placed with BEX for any stock item by 3pm EST, it will be shipped to the customer the same day.

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