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Treatments and Coatings to Protect Concrete Surfaces from Bacteria, Mould, and Moisture

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Concrete flooring treatments

DEFLECTA® manufactures and supplies penetrating and topical products for concrete.
Certified and registered by the Australian Government (Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority), the company’s flagship product DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® kills 99.9% of bacteria / pathogens such as golden staph, E.coli, listeria and salmonella for a minimum of five years. It also assists with curing when it is applied at the time of the concrete pour.
DEFLECTA products are low VOC, with Green Star Building Council of Australia, Green Star Design and As Built certification. All key products have HACCP International approval, certifying them as food-safe floor and wall surface treatments.
For DEFLECTA, research, development and testing are crucial aspects in the development of innovative products that respond to ever-changing market conditions and construction methods, in both Australian and international markets.

Bacteria control in concrete

DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL is a preventative measure that kills bacteria on the concrete’s surface and within its matrix. It can be applied at the time of concrete pour or on aged concrete and can be followed by an application of DEFLECTA SURFACE BINDER® or DEFLECTA TOPEL® to seal, prevent surface dust and increase strength and abrasive surface resistance.

Densifiers and sealers for concrete surface

DEFLECTA TOPEL® is applied to a concrete surface as a hydrophobic and densifying surface sealer. The product increases density and surface hardness, thereby dust-proofing the concrete and reducing its permeability to water. DEFLECTA TOPEL does not alter the appearance of the treated surface area.
DEFELCTA TOPEL-OTM is an oleophobic and densifying surface sealer that increases density and surface hardness, protects the concrete from dust and decreases oil permeability. The treated surface area will have a low-sheen finish.
DEFLECTA TOP COAT® is applied to the concrete surface as a densifying surface sealer. It increases density and surface hardness, dust proofs the concrete and increases its wear, with a surface gloss finish.  The treated surface area will have a low-sheen finish which can become high gloss after buffing.

Mould control and coloured sealer for concrete surface

DEFLECTA MULTI SEALER® is a concrete surface sealer that can be applied to the concrete putty to prevent mould growth while providing a premium quality aesthetic appearance.
DEFLECTA developed a two-part application system for food and beverage facilities in humid locations where mould is an ongoing problem. The first part involves the application of DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL to control bacteria and moisture growth on and within the cementitious materials. This is followed by DELFECTA MULTI SEALER, which controls mould growth. Applied within many of South East Asia’s food processing facilities, this system helps with bioburden reduction and cleaning protocols.

Certified concrete treatments for food processing facilities

After raw in-house formulation within the DEFLECTA research and development division and extensive tests and trials, all our products undergo independent testing. The products are only released to market when they have demonstrated their efficacy for either bacteria control, moisture suppression, surface density, slip resistance or water / oil repellence.
DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® and DEFLECTA ANTIBACTERIAL® are registered by The Australian Government (Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority).
DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL®, DEFLECTA ANTIBACTERIAL®, DEFLECTA SURFACE BINDER®, DEFLECTA MULTI SEALER®, DEFLECTA TOPEL® are approved as food-safe floor and wall surface treatments, suitable for use in food and beverage facilities that operate in accordance with a HACCP-based Food Safety Programme.
The products also have LOW VOC Content certificates, verifying that they meet the Green Building Council of Australia – Green Star Design & As-Built – Green Star Interiors and Green Star Office Design.
The DEFLECTA ANTIMICROBIAL® and DEFLECTA SURFACE BINDER® combined application, DEFLECTA TOPEL® and DEFLECTA® TOPEL-OTM have slip rating classification.

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    Deflecta products kill 99.99% of bacteria, purge contaminants from the concrete and assist underlying odour concerns within the facility environment.

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    Deflecta Crete Seals manufactures flooring treatments designed to protect concrete in food processing facilities and storage warehouses from the spread of contaminants such as bacteria, mould, and moisture.

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