Hanovia specialises in UV solutions for treating food, which are engineered to the highest standards and installed in more than 5,000 systems worldwide.

Ultraviolet (UV) treatment for the elimination of bacteria and viruses

Hanovia is an industrial UV water treatment company with 90 years of experience in UV science and technology. Technical and service support through UVCare is available worldwide.

Chemical-free disinfection is offered including UV treatment to eliminate bacteria, viruses, spores and mould in food products.

Unlike chemical disinfection, UV disinfection systems use powerful lamps to produce concentrated ultraviolet radiation that destroys micro-organisms. This process does not require chemical handling or waste management.

Hanovia’s UV technology guarantees disinfection and bio-security, and is validated according to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and NSF50 regulations.

UV lamp technology for the food processing industry

Optimised UV lamp technology for targeted performance is available with low or medium-pressure lamps.

Hanovia selects the right technology to match client requirements such as capital and operational costs, power consumption and installation space.

Industrial water treatment processes using multi-barrier technologies, including reverse osmosis and continuous electro-deionisation, need protection from incoming chlorine.

Intense UV irradiation is a water-saving alternative to activated carbon and chemical dosing without bacteria proliferation, high capital and operation costs or chemical and waste handling.

Chemical-free disinfection of water and syrups

Hanovia’s PureLine UV disinfection range is designed to provide chemical-free disinfection of water, syrups and brines for the food industry.

The PureLine range offers standard models for food and beverage processing applications, including de-ozonation and a performance qualified model (PQ) for disinfection.

Materials passing through the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelled treatment chamber are exposed to UV light, which deactivates micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and algae. UV is also highly effective at destroying ozone molecules in process water.

Products are approved to international standards and material certificates are available for all FDA-compliant wetted parts.

Hanovia also offers an online duty sensor that can be checked against an optional reference sensor to ensure the UV unit is always performing within specification.

Installation or retrofitting of PureLine UV systems into existing pipework and vessels is easy, requiring minimum disruption and site preparation.

Once installed, the production plant can operate 24 hours a day, removing the necessity of shutting down the system for routine sanitisation and sterilisation.

Factory-calibrated, dry UV sensors for monitoring in real-time

UV lamps can be used for more than 8,000 hours and changing lamps is a simple procedure, which can be done by on-site personnel.

Hanovia’s UV disinfection and de-ozonation systems are designed for the food and beverage industry, including treatment of incoming water, CIP (Clean-in-Place) rinse water, and disinfection of cooling media, sugar syrups, liquid sugars and brine.

The PureLine range is rated to IP54 and features a state-of-the-art controller with an on-board message display panel and safety and alarm options.

The PQ model has an absolute intensity UV monitor. Located within the chamber, it allows the controller to automatically correct dose calculation, as UV transmittance varies without an external UV transmittance monitor.

In addition, the factory-calibrated dry UV sensor provides absolute UV intensity monitoring in real-time, and can be removed and inspected without interrupting the process. The dry monitor also allows field verification using a portable reference UV sensor.