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Cleaning and Sanitising Products for the Food Processing Industry

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Jaegar Australia provides specialised cleaning and sanitisation products that are developed for the requirements of the food processing industry.

With our innovative approach to research and development and our environmental awareness, we excel in developing and producing cutting-edge formulas that are cost-effective, efficient and will improve operator safety in the workplace.

Our range of products for food processing equipment includes detergents, cleaners, sanitisers and lubricants.

Detergents for food processing equipment

Jaegar Australia’s general purpose detergent, Superfoam, easily removes animal fats and vegetable oils from all hard surfaces, due to its unique blend of surfactants. Our Superfoam detergent is non-hazardous and has a neutral PH, making it safe for contact with skin and clothing.

Suitable for manual or high-pressure spray applications, Superfoam is economical and readily miscible with water.

Our cationic detergent, OASIS, cleans and sanitises food processing equipment, leaving all inanimate surfaces physically clean and free from most common bacteria.

The benefits of using OASIS include:

  • Effective cleaning of micro-organisms, including all pathogenic Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria and fungi
  • Efficient wetting, penetration and chemical degradation of common soils, oils and greases
  • No deterioration when exposed to light, heat or unfavourable weather
  • Suitable for hand scrubbing, high-pressure spraying or steam cleaning

The OASIS detergent is an alkaline product and is safe for use on mild steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and galvanised surfaces.

High-foaming cleaning detergents

Jaegar’s range of high-foaming cleaning detergents for the food processing industry reduce your costs by working in low concentrations and eliminating the need to use separate cleaning products.

Both the chlorinated CS-110 TURBO SAN and the enzyme-based GP-123 high-foaming detergents remove a broad range of soil types, including organic soils, from all surfaces. CS-110 TURBO SAN and GP-123 are safe to use on most metals and work effectively in both hard and soft water.

CS-110 TURBO SAN contains 5% potassium hydroxide and can easily emulsify fats and oils. This cleaner produces a stable foam, which facilities the loosening and complete removal of oils. Our CS-110 TURBO SAN formulation is suitable for manual applications.

GP-123 is an extremely high foaming formula that effectively removes soils and can be used either for foam cleaning or hand washing. It is safe on skin as it does not contain caustic soda or potassium hydroxide.

Aqis-approved sanitisers for the food processing industry

Jaegar Australia’s sanitising products, PTSAN 5 and CS-105, have Australian Quarantine and Inspection (Aquis) approval.

Our PTSAN 5 sanitiser immediately reduces microbial contamination and has National Registration Authority approval for use in any food processing plant.

Beneficial properties of PTSAN 5 include:

  • Non-foaming
  • Fast action, with a contact time of between ten and 30 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling
  • No rinsing required if good drainage is available
  • Non-residual
  • Safe for use on stainless steel equipment
  • Reduces BOD and COD levels in plant effluent
  • Extremely effective against a wide range of contaminates, including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, spores, yeast, mould, fungi and viruses

CS-105 provides potent antibacterial activity against a range of pathogenic micro-organisms and has been formulated specifically for the cleaning and sanitising of food processing equipment.

Jaegar’s CS-105 eliminates malodours caused by bacterial decomposition and re-odourises the atmosphere with a clean aroma. It also meets all Australian State Government Disinfectant Regulations requirements.

Low-foaming sanitiser

For use within the food processing industry, Jaegar’s Chain Lubricant 100 (CL-100) is a low-foaming sanitiser, cleaner and lubricant that ensures effective operation and non-interference of optimal scanners. Additional features of the CL-100 include:

  • Low wastage due to high dilution rates
  • Safe on operators
  • Guaranteed clean conveyor
  • Effective reduction of slat wear
  • Suitable for normal and high-speed conveyors
  • Removes acidic soils
  • Safe for use on all metal and plastics

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