Kelsius is a market leader in digital hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) management and temperature monitoring solutions for the food processing, foodservice and healthcare industries.
Leveraging world-class wireless sensor technology and Cloud-based data hosting and processing, Kelsius systems improve product safety, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise the costs associated with these activities.
Established in 2003, Kelsius operates from offices in the UK and Ireland, with a network of partners in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and the US to serve its global customer base. The company has harvested over 20 billion HACCP records to date and has presence in 24 countries worldwide.

Digital food safety system to streamline HACCP processes

FoodCheck 2 is a food safety system with high levels of flexibility, allowing Kelsius to design templates specifically tailored to different organisations. Complicated paper-based processes can easily be replicated and built into the user’s app, allowing paper records to be completely removed from the HACCP process.
FoodCheck 2 helps food processers comply to industry best practice for HACCP recordings of procedure, tasks and temperatures. In addition, the system has an innovative production traceability feature ideal for the food processing industry.

Tablet-based temperature recording system for the food industry

FoodCheck 2 is a tablet-based digital recording system that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs and requirements. The app can incorporate your unique HACCP plan. The system uses a network of devices with temperature recordings of products captured via a probe and sent electronically to the app, preventing the occurrence of errors.
This system also automates the process of fridge and freezer monitoring. Small wireless sensors that are placed inside the cold storage environments communicate with the CoolCheck Network Controller and onto the Internet via a local area network connection.

Web-enabled and secure data transmission

The tablets are connected to Wi-Fi and relay all information back to the Kelsius server. The sensors in fridges and freezers also transmit data to the Kelsius server at regular intervals.
All collated information is accessible to the user via their Kelsius web portal and can be processed and presented as user-friendly reports in PDF format. All data is encrypted for complete security.

Instant food safety alerts and complete digital archives

If a measured temperature goes outside of the set parameters an alert is triggered instantly via a local audio and visual alarm, text message (to any number of staff members) and email.
All data and corrective actions are archived, providing a complete audit trail. This system will assist you in compliance while removing paper, errors and falsification for your organisation.

Customer testimonial

Kelsius customer Neil Stafford, from Reading University, said: “The new Kelsius system is fantastic, I am able to add / remove staff, tasks, vendors and products within minutes. Get instant updates / alerts on fridge and freezer issues. It does not deter the staff from using it as it is so simple to use.
“My aim was to provide the staff with an easy system to use, that they would not be afraid to use. I can train staff within minutes as it is so simple. I have a full traceability on everything within the system and again so easy to gain reports. The support I have received fantastic. FoodCheck makes my job easier.”
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