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Oxygen and Ozone Generators for Sanitation Systems

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Oxyzone is Australia’s leading supplier of oxygen and ozone generators, providing a chemical-free alternative to chemical treatment and sanitation systems.
Our oxygen and ozone generators are used in a wide range of industries, such as hospitality, retail and horticulture, as well as water and wastewater processing. All Oxyzone products are designed and created in Australia and comply with all electrical and safety standards.

Ozone sanitation solutions for food processing

Produce is normally rinsed in a solution before being put into storage. Rinsing will remove any trapped soil particles, as well as lower any bacterial loading to an acceptable level. Produce is normally rinsed with a solution comprising water with an amount of dissolved sanitiser, which tends to be a type of chlorine derivative. Dissolved ozone in the rinse water is an alternative sanitiser.

Chemical-free cleaning treatments

Chemical treatment takes time to process and degrade the sanitiser chemicals in the water to an acceptable level, due to the use of small volume tanks and the risk of adding more or less than the required parts per million (ppm) dosage to the tank. Chemical sanitisers also leave a residue on the produce after rinsing, which can be consumed by the end-user.
However, the decay process in ozone treatments, as well as the ozone generator response, is very fast, allowing for a more accurate control of the dissolved sanitiser level. The quicker decay rate of ozone also means that there is no excess residue on the product.

Safe water sanitation processes

All chemical sanitisers by their nature are dangerous to people in their concentrated state, from the shipping, storage and movement, through to processing. Vapour from the concentrated chemical is particularly hazardous and when fairly high levels are used in the rinse water, the hazard extends to the personnel working around the tank.
In comparison, ozone is generated at the workplace and therefore creates no storage or transit hazard. Ozone in high-concentration directly from an ozone generator is hazardous to health if inhaled, so ozone gas is kept tightly confined in stainless steel and Teflon tubing right through until it is dissolved into the water stream.
The process of dissolving ozone into water normally achieves approximately 90% of the generated gas being fully dissolved. As a result, this leaves 10% of the hazardous ozone gas leftover, which is separated from the water stream and fed to an ozone destruct unit, which converts it back into safe oxygen.
A correctly designed process will deliver ozonated water into the treatment tank without releasing any ozone gas. If this occurs, the ozone gas can break out of the water and become a hazard to the staff around the tank.
This can be avoided in a number of ways:

  • Reduce the dissolved ozone concentration to 1.5ppm-2.5ppm, which makes sure that the off-gas is kept to a safe level below work safe requirements
  • Reduce any unnecessary turbulence in the tank
  • Use extraction fans to remove any off-gas build-up
  • Keep the water temperature as low as possible

Cost-effective water sanitation

The use of ozone as an alternative to chemical sanitisers is fairly widespread in many industries. Ozone offers significant environmental advantages, especially as there is an increased level of public awareness regarding the adverse effects of pollutants and carcinogenic substances.
Ozone is also advantageous when treating washwater used in automatic washing equipment in the food processing industry. In comparison with chemical treatments, ozone cleaning is a stronger, safer and more cost-efficient alternative.
When installed and operated, dissolved ozone will provide a safe, comfortable and effective alternative to chemical sanitisers.

About Oxyzone

We introduced ozone generators into the Australian market more than ten years ago and our products are supported by 25 years of experience in electronic manufacturing. Oxyzone was established during the early years of implementing ozone-based cleaning but related products quickly became popular in the hospitality and horticulture industries.
Designed and manufactured in Australia to the highest level of quality, our ozone generators are also controllable to ensure OH&S standards.
Oxyzone also stock a range of oxygen generators by AirSep Corporation from New York, US. In addition, we offer a complete factory service with a full range of spare parts.

White Papers

  • Oxyzone's Ozone Pipeline Disinfection System (PDS)

    The first Ozone Pipeline Disinfection System (PDS) has now been operating for two years and a further two units were delivered to Sydney Water in March 2014. The trailers to date have proven to be reliable with no failures in service and have achieved their intended purpose.

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