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Blenders for biological sample homogenisation for pathogen control

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Paddle Blenders for sample preparation.
Seward manufactures paddle blenders for sample preparation in microbiological analysis.
Serving laboratories in the food safety, bioscience, life science, medical, and veterinary industries, the Stomacher® range is used to homogenise samples for bacteria enumeration and identification.
The company’s products are manufactured in the UK and distributed to more than 100 countries worldwide to offer a high-quality, low-cost, and efficient method for sample processing.

Blenders for homogenisation of laboratory samples

Seward’s Stomacher® lab blenders homogenise samples using two reciprocating paddles. To ensure no cross-contamination, samples are sealed in a sterile plastic bag.
This quick and reliable process creates reproducible and viable cells for downstream processing, which ensures accuracy in pathogen detection and total count analysis.
In addition to sample preparation for food safety analysis, the Stomacher® 80 Biomaster and microBiomaster help ensure safe and efficient sample processing in the bioscience market.
For pathogen test preparation, the Stomacher® 3500 is suitable for processing large-sized samples.

Pathogen detection and total viable count (TVC) in foods

Seward helps manufacturers to monitor and control pathogens to provide a safe supply chain and prevent foodborne illness.
The Stomacher® 400 model is used in the first step of pathogen detection by preparing food samples for shelf-life evaluation. The Stomacher® sample preparation method meets ISO 6887-1, ISO 7218 standards, and implements the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bacteriological analytical method (BAM).

Faecal fat analysis to estimate dietary fat absorption

Commonly used to aid diagnostics in the digestive system, faecal fat analysis provides an estimate of dietary fat that is not absorbed by the body.
Other applications include the use of faecal transplant inocula for patients with depleted or altered gut flora.
The Stomacher® has been widely referenced as a sample preparation tool for faecal samples due to its reproducible blending process, which ensures cell viability. In addition, samples contained within sterile plastic bags ensure the blender does not require cleaning between processes.

Preparing single-cell suspension samples for research

The Stomacher 80 Biomaster range has been widely referenced in the preparation of single-cell suspensions, enabling the cultivation of cell cultures for on-going research and development (R&D).
One of the more recent applications of the Stomacher 80 Biomaster is in stem cell extraction for therapeutics or research. Combined with the micro bag (BA6040/micro), the unit can homogenise sample volumes from 250µl.

Testing for waterborne parasites

The Stomacher 3500 Biowasher was developed to test for disease-causing parasites by washing fibres from a water filter to extract all organisms to the homogenate.
Contamination of water supply presents a constant public health risk. Water-related diseases are caused by parasites including Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which are found in the faecal matter of humans and animals and spread through ingesting contaminated water.

Sterility and bioburden testing

Bioburden testing helps to monitor and control manufacturing of hygiene materials, validation of sterility methods, and assessment of environmental monitoring programmes.
The Stomacher method extracts materials by washing the sample with a solvent.

About Seward

Seward is based in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, with a subsidiary located in the US.
Seward and its sister brands Airbox Sampling Products and C-Tech Electronics are wholly owned brands of FermionX.

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