Providing the best solutions to produce safe food, safely processed worldwide

Food contamination and worker safety issues in the fish processing plants are of ever increasing concern facing the industry. BAADER has addressed this issue by standing for a commitment to provide the best solutions for safe food, safely processed worldwide.

According to Andy Miller, Managing Director of BAADER: “Fish is often processed in places that take advantage of cheap manual labor, unfortunately at the expense of compromising consumer food safety. Our nearly fully automated solutions remedy this problem by minimizing the amount of workers on the fish processing line, therefore minimizing the chance of contamination. At the same time, we reduce the labor costs for the processor and create the safest working conditions for the line managers.”

BAADER’s Salmon Processing Line is a perfect example of this safe Food Solution. Starting with precise gutting on the BAADER 142 Princess-Cut Gutting Machine, high yield heading on the BAADER 434, filleting at BAADER 200, automatic transfer, the BAADER 988 automatic trimming with color and size recognition with BAADER 988, the BAADER 560 Final Inspection and the newly available BAADER 1900 for sizing and grading, overseen by a Line Monitoring Control System (LMC-System), completing the safest fish processing line, bringing the safest fish products to market.

BAADER is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of fish processing machinery, and also serves the poultry, red meat and fruit industries. In mid-2007, LINCO joined the BAADER Group, adding its line of chillers, sizers and yield control products. After 88 years BAADER remains committed to producing the highest quality food processing solutions, providing safe food, safely processed worldwide.