The BAADER Group, a worldwide operating company with origin and headquarters in Germany, sees great opportunities in the Vietnamese seafood market. Therefore this year the BAADER Group took part in the Vietfish trade show for the first time.

The Vice-Minister for Fishery, Luong Le Phuong, in his short speech at the BAADER booth appreciated BAADER’s announcement, to dedicate its activities to Vietnam.

The seafood export is a significant sector for Vietnam. The application of modern processing methods offers opportunities to keep up with the worldwide rising demand for seafood, especially in high quality, and at the same time to meet the planned figures of the national fisheries industry.

The leader of the BAADER delegation Kourosh Pourkian states: “Vietnam is a very interesting market for BAADER, because the potential of the domestic fisheries industry in immense. Because of the rising demand for food of high safety and quality, we think, that the use of our equipment would be a profitable investment for any bigger fish processing company, because higher quality of products gains higher market prices.”

Besides the Vice-Minister for Fishery, a large number of representatives from the fishery industry and the finance sector visited the BAADER booth where they witnessed a presentation of the German art of engineering. Every hour several machines were shown in action on site.

At the moment BAADER is running a test with a whole processing line for Pangasius in cooperation with a known Vietnamese fish processing company. It is planned to present the results early in August to a forum in Vietnam.