588 filleting machine

BAADER’s new filleting machine for fresh and defrosted whitefish follows the success story of the well-known BAADER 581 high-speed salmon processing machine.

BAADER is proud to introduce the new BAADER 588 filleting machine. This machine is designed in the same manner with respect to hygiene, food safety, maintenance, performance and fillet quality as our success story BAADER 581.

High throughput

A stable run of the fish through the machine guarantees higher throughput.

High speed

BAADER 588 is able to run around 40 fish/min. The speed is steeples adjustable.

Best fillet quality

The fillet quality is extraordinary – even on soft fish (e.g. haddock, hake). The surface is very smooth; no gaping occurs and no bloodspots. This is a result of much less stress on the fillet because of the absence of stickle and scraper knives, and due to the rotating flank knives.

Best hygiene performance

The design of the machine is very open. All relevant parts can be opened or lifted for easy cleaning.

Easy operation

BAADER 588 is very easy to operate. This machine is cam controlled – no electronics, no pneumatics needed. A small touch panel is available for intuitive operation.

To find out more please visit BAADER at the Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global event in Brussels.