BAADER 604 mincer

The BAADER technology of clean separation of fish meat from bones, fins and skin that was developed in Luebeck, Germany, keeps setting new benchmarks when it comes to performance and product quality.

The application of these machines enables noticeable improvements in product quality at a consistently high level and with exact and repeatable production parameters.

Compared with normal screw separators the BAADER principle is much more gentle in regards to a temperature rise of max 1°C; the protein molecules keep intact and the bones are not damaged.

Ongoing development ensures that all BAADER machines apply state-of-the-art technology and thus guarantee our customers a competitive advantage.

Our machines are built in accordance with the latest hygiene and safety standards of the industry and meet all the expectations of a modern production machine.

The new member of our 600 series – BAADER 604 – is designed in a new way, with fewer loose parts on the machine, which optimises handling and cleaning. Each machine has a touch panel for easy operation and process control. BAADER 604 is available in different variations; please contact BAADER to find out more.