salmon@baader Event

BAADER has launched a new event in its new state-of-the-art technology centre in Leubeck.

Inaugrated in April, the centre is designed to bring experts together to experience trendsetting processing technologies. Visitors can explore BAADER equipment and integrated systems, as well as the software solutions. The event was also an opportunity to meet colleagues from the salmon industry.

In BAADER’s large meeting room, the visitors could discover informative and inspirational lectures and guest-speaker presentations. BAADER also displayed its latest Salmon processing technologies.

BAADER demonstrated these equipment and the software solutions to help to optimise raw material utilisation, reduce processing times, cleaning times, and labour costs, as well as to improve processes throughout the salmon processing value chain.

The equipment showcased included:

  • Salmon gutting with BAADER 144
  • Speed Feed System BAADER 1570
  • Washing robot for inside and outside cleaning
  • Chlorine dioxide disinfection
  • Salmon stunning and bleeding with the all new BAADER 101
  • Filleting, trimming, pinboning, and weighing line
  • BAADER solutions for by-product refinement

More than 120 customers from around the world gathered at the BAADER Technology Center BTC in Luebeck to see some of BAADERS major highlights for the salmon industry and had a very fruitful and cheerful day.

Live presentations gave the visitors the chance to be first-hand witness of BAADER’s advantages.
Presentations from guest speakers were also well attended. These included publisher from intrafish media Pål Korneliussen, who gave an overview of current trends in the fish industry, and Jürgen Löhrke’s CEO Martin Löhrke, who talked about automated and innovative cleaning trends in the food industry.