Last year, BAADER entered into a new area of harvesting live fish. BAADER offers the most humane and efficient method for stunning and bleeding of salmon/trout and many other fish species, utilising percussive stunning. This welfare-friendly solution is a key process in the provision of optimum fish quality.

The BAADER/Seafood Innovations patented percussive stunning system is activated when the nose of the fish contacts a stainless-steel retracting trigger plate. This in turn activates a sensor to activate a circuit that mobilises the striker piston, which hits the fish’s head at high speed, causing it to be instantaneously and irreversibly stunned.

This unique, automated system takes advantage of the fish’s natural behaviour to lead them directly into the stunning units, with the absolute minimum of stress.

BAADER supplies a complete range of machines and supporting modules specifically suited to the harvesting requirements of the client. This includes everything from single stunning machines to advanced multi-channel systems with combined stunning and bleeding incorporating automated fish delivery.

Low-stress harvesting ensures:

  • Higher flesh quality in the harvested fish
  • Longer pre-rigor time – up to 20hr (muscle energy retained thereby keeping muscles pre-rigor longer)
  • 20%-30% better shelf life
  • Improved processing efficiency and reduced wastage during further processing (gutting, heading skinning and filleting)

To find out more please visit BAADER at booth 4-5943 at the Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global event in Brussels.