BAADER 136 trout deboning machine

The BAADER 136 produces a trout which seems to be complete – with head and tail – but it is indeed boneless and ready for preparation. It provides a high-quality product ready for preparation, at a rate of up to 50 fish per minute.

Complete but boneless

The BAADER 136 cuts the main and rib bones, as well as to a great extent the gills, out of the trout with the highest yield possible. The result is a boneless trout, connected at the back, with head and tail which can be used as fresh product – ready for preparation – or frozen, for convenience food, smoking, etc. The BAADER 136 can process gutted or ungutted trout with a speed of up to 50 fish /min.


The new BAADER 136 is reworked concerning hygiene. Its main parts can be opened or lifted for better cleaning.

Easy to maintain

In some areas the accessibility is much better due to e.g. pivoting motor covers or the possibility to remove the fish cute including nozzles and reflector for changing knives. A quick tightening device for dismantling the transport belt ensures easier cleaning and maintenance.


A knife sharpening machine is necessary for ensuring the best cutting result. A knife sharpening device, pluggable to the machine and driven by the machine, is an available option. A jam control with autostop avoids miscut fish. A valve automatically stops the water when the machine is not running.

For more information please visit BAADER at booth 4-5943 at the Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global in Brussels.