BAADER's 144 Salmon Gutting Machine and Speed Feed System

Demonstrated at BAADER’s salmon@baader event, the BAADER 144 Salmon Gutting Machine and Speed Feed System has shown improved speed, cleaning performance, working range, and hygiene, as well as an automatic camera detection of the cleaning result.

With these improvements to the BAADER line, each processed product can be automatically transferred to the best suitable processing unit to suit the customer’s requirements.

The gutting machine works within a wide working range of 2kg-11kg with small adjustments, which are made via the latest, state-of-the-art, electronic control box. Guts are removed without contaminating the water and they are separated and collected in a second cyclone.

Now able to work with larger fish, the machine is able to store recipes for a variety of shapes and sizes for quick change over. Cleaning time is also reduced, with a design that adheres to hygiene standards and is prepared to be connected to the clean-in-place (CIP). In effect, manual cleaning time is reduced significantly compared to the older machine BAADER 142.

The most efficient way to run BAADER 144 is to combine it with the new Speed Feed System BAADER 1570. This automatic feeding system is revolutionary in performance and speed. This system can grow with the customer due to a modular system design and it can feed up to eight gutting machines. Fish fed into the system will reach the gutting machine directly with a speed of up to 25 fish/min.

After gutting, the fish leaves the machine at a central outfeed, which can be connected to a scale system. This combination makes it possible to realise a full flexible distribution of the fish according to weight, k-factor, quality grading, and size for further processing.