Bruce Goodrick, Petra Baader

We are pleased to announce that Petra Baader, Honorary Consul of Norway, CEO and shareholder of the Baader Group, and Bruce Goodrick, founder and owner of Seafood Innovations and Seafood Innovations International Group, have closed a transaction under which Baader takes over certain assets and the business activities of the Australian producer, which is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of welfare-friendly solutions for the efficient stunning and bleeding of fish, a key process in the provision of optimum quality fish products suitable for packing or value adding at the processing stage.

The business activities will be conducted by the new subsidiary of the Baader Group in Australia, Baader SI, in which Bruce Goodrick will take up the position as managing director together with Dennis Schreiber. We are convinced that this new company is an important step into a prosperous future.

Seafood Innovations was established in March 2001 to build and market the Seafood Innovations International Group range of products and services. The head office and manufacturing base of both Seafood Innovations and Seafood Innovations International Group is located in Queensland, Australia, while the research base is in Tasmania, Australia. The successful commercialisation of Seafood Innovations International Group’s technology has assisted many aquaculture companies worldwide to achieve humane, efficient and clean fish harvest and practices with high-quality product outcomes.

Petra Baader: "We are really pleased about the opportunities which arise through the combination of the strengths of the Baader Group and the business activities of Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd. and Seafood Innovations International Group Pty Ltd. and the creation of a new dynamic force within the international food industry which results from with this combination. The businesses of Baader and Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd. / Seafood Innovations International Group Pty Ltd. complement one another effectively with regard to the global presence in the market, the process technology, the developing experience and the customer support so we are delighted to have both under the same roof now."

"We have known Seafood Innovations Pty Ltd. and Seafood Innovations International Group Pty Ltd. for many years as a respected international provider of machines for the fish industry and we are looking forward to develop, produce and market the products of a high development standard using the well-established Baader network. Above all, we look forward to welcome and work together with Bruce Goodrick and his team as part of the Baader family in the future," added Baader.

Bruce Goodrick: "Baader is a leading and well respected company which continues to develop highly advanced food processing technology. They work closely with their customers to ensure efficient, smooth and harmonious flow of product through the complete harvest-processing line. The addition of the Seafood Innovations harvest system allows control of the process to start even prior to slaughter and the benefits to be appreciated throughout the process line. The combination of the business activities will make it possible to further develop and implement our technology. I am excited to join the Baader team and to take our products to the next level."

Both the Baader Group and Baader SI are looking forward to commonly supporting customers in more than 70 countries by optimising the products and benefits.

Image: Bruce Goodrick and Petra Baader.